Driving traffic to your Blog

How to: Maximize Your Blog’s Traffic?

One of the useful functions of website analytic programs, like Google Analytics, is these programs allow you to monitor your traffic sources. You can often look at where your traffic is coming from via three broad categories: Direct Traffic, Search Engine / Keyword Traffic, and Referred Traffic. Read on to learn more:

Driving traffic to your Blog
Driving traffic to your Blog

Direct Traffic

Direct trafficYour direct traffic numbers are a reflection on how strong your brand truly is. If you have high numbers, then readers out there often think of you and your site as a source they trust, and so they have no hesitation about visiting your site. Because these readers are your most loyal, you don’t risk driving them away, and you can depend on them in tougher times to stand by you.

Two ways to improve your direct traffic are to have a URL that is easy to remember and to market your blog in offline venues. For the first method, you should have already thought long and hard about this, so it shouldn’t be a problem. But, if you still use a WordPress or Blogspot URL, you should immediately buy your own domain name and switch over. Related: How to build relationships with your Blog readers.
For the second method, try to come up with some neat guerilla marketing ideas: create stickers to put up around the city, and make bookmarks to hide in books related to your niche when you’re at the book store. You can do this for much cheaper than it would cost to take out an ad in the local paper.

Search Engine / Keyword Traffic

Traffic from Search EnginesPeople who come to your site via keywords and search engines don’t know what to expect sometimes. They’re looking for something specific, sure, but that makes them very picky, so you have to be able to keep their attention once they’ve arrived.

By looking at the traffic you get according to certain keywords and phrases, you can try to produce additional content that might satisfy those readers. Revisit those posts that produced good keyword traffic, and publish updated content that uses those keywords if you can. In order to make searchers happy and draw them in, give them what they want so they’ll be willing to stay around to check out your other content.

Referring Sites

Referral sitesVisitors from referring sites clicked through because they trust the site that sent them to you. They are probably a part of your niche, so you will have an easier time keeping their attention; however, your reputation is at stake if they don’t like what they find.

Treat referring sites like your friends. The best ones will send you traffic regularly, so you should give those other bloggers thanks every now and then and send traffic back their way to keep them happy. Essentially, the traffic you get from referring sites is a testament to the strength of the blogging community of which you are a part.

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