[How To] Make Money On Twitter


Millions of users user Twitter daily, and millions of tweets tweeted daily. Well for the past month i have signed up to a website called “Be A Magpie”. Be a magpie is one of the many thousands sites out there that pay you to tweet. Of course there is a catch.

You going to have to have a couple of hundred to a few thousands followers to make a dime. Why? cause money isn’t handed out for nothin in return… Oh, and the most important thing a “twitter” account.

Be A Magpie is easy and simple. Allow you have to do is sign up at http://be-a-magpie.com/ and combine it with your Twitter account via Oauth (oauth asks if you wish to proceed to accept or deny access to your account).

After that you than get the option of setting up, than simply select when you a advertisement placed on your twitter account. Yes its simply like Google Adsense but your tweeting things. Advertise’s go through Be A Magpies database and select people they want to tweet there ads, And you get a request for a ad quite regularly if you tweet over 10 times a day. Before you ask here is a example tweet from my twitter account ( Status).

Just to let you know it may take some time to get ads appearing on your account, it took me 2 weeks for my first ads. Now i have ads awaiting to be posted as there is now a queue.

Be a magpie also pays you via PayPal. Which is awesome. So check it out Be a Magpie

Make sure you type in your address. It is optional but it helps advertisers who are trying to aim at certain country’s or areas…

Also if you want you can follow me on twitter at @shaquillerayau or http://twitter.com/shaquillerayau


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