How to make an .EXE app?


An EXE is the file extension in Windows operating systems, which donates that that file is executable and can be installed. For a programmer creating an executable file is not a big thing, but forย  non- techies it is a great thing. Today here in this post at Chaaps I am going to show you a tutorial how can you create a simple executable file without any programming knowledge.


  • Download a small application of 422Kb called Bat to EXE converter from here. Using this app you can easily convert any batch coded file to EXE.
  • Second step is to create a batch application. Those who don’t how what is a batch application? Let me explain you first. It is a notepad file coded with CMD command and saved with .BAT extension, here in this tutorial I am going to show an example with a simple batch code to cancel any printing job.
  • Copy paste this code in a notepad file with . bat extention.

@echo off
echo Stopping print spooler.
net stop spooler
echo deleting stuff... where? I'm not sure. Just deleting stuff.
FOR %%A IN (%systemroot%system32spoolprinters*.*) DO DEL %%A
echo Starting print spooler.
net start spooler

  • After copying the code start the Bat to EXE converter application.
  • Browse the batch app and set the directory where you want it to be converted and get saved.
  • You can easily encrypt, password protect it or add Windows Vista admin manifest.
  • To add encryption click on the “Encrypt” and enter the password.
  • To add Windows Vista admin manifest click on the “Add Vista Adminstrator mainfest” below the Misc section.

Make it Pro!

Version Info
Version Info

You can easily make it look like a professional looking application by adding an icon, version info and etc etc by clicking on the version information tab. Yo! your professional looking EXE application is ready without doing any programming. You can download it from here.


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