How to Keep your readers focused on your Blog post?

October 31, 2010

Previously I had made a mention about How to build Relationships with your readers and how important are they to your blog. However impressed they are, with your blog, there are many chances of being deviated from your Post. Here is one small tip to keep  your readers focused on your blog post.

Images speak a thousand words, But not always

Images speak a thousand words. But if the images are made click-able those thousand words downgrade your few words. Here’s how you have to remove the link of an Image:

HTML Editor

Switch to the HTML editor and remove the highlighted area from your post. This may sound so simple, but it really helps. Trust me!!

Removing Image links in HTML Editor

Removing Image links in HTML Editor

Visual Editor

In the Image Upload wizard you have an option to remove the link. That button had been lying right there but most of us didn’t spot down it’s purpose. Look at the screenshot below for better understanding:

Removing Image link from the Visual Editor

Removing Image link from the Visual Editor

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  • Nirmal Kumar.M

    this post was very useful…
    .-= Nirmal Kumar.M´s last blog ..Diwali Is Nearing =-.

  • Sathish @ TechieMania

    Hi Murugappan, Removing the hotlink from our blog post images is a must for every bloggers. I haven’t done it till now, but I will do it in the near future for sure. Anyways, Thanks for sharing this useful tutorial.

    .-= Sathish @ TechieMania´s last blog ..Bloggers- Get Noticed By Linking Out To Other Sites =-.

    • Mani Viswanathan

      It depends on what platform you use for writing posts. I use WLW, so watermarking & giving other effects (mainly shadows, strokes, rounded corners) will need the image to be hotlinked. Though we can use alternative plugins for removing the hotlinked structure.
      .-= Mani Viswanathan´s last blog ..5 things a Blogger should do to show his care towards his readers =-.

  • Paul/ Entertainment tonight

    Thanks for sharing that. I haven’t thought about that before.
    .-= Paul/ Entertainment tonight´s last blog ..PETA offers help for Lindsay Lohan =-.

  • Web Design LA Spinx

    Thanks for the new idea. It will surely helpful in future. It is an easy method so no need to any other from remove link of an image.
    .-= Web Design LA Spinx´s last blog ..Custom Web Design for Utmost Visual Impact =-.

  • Kimi

    I reckon many people of my visitors mostly clicked my images though, so i am not sure if i will apply your tips above.

    But i want to try at least, and will come back to you =P

    Thanks for the good explanations above.
    .-= Kimi´s last blog ..Free Thesis 18 Skins WordPress =-.

  • Crunchynow

    Great piece of article…

    thanks for share…..
    .-= Crunchynow´s last blog ..keep visitors stay longer on Blog with Yet Another Related Post Plugin =-.

  • John roofing products

    I am writing a book and want it to get published.” And while that’s an awesome goal to have I wonder why people get so caught up in the idea of being published that it seems they’re forgetting all the hard work in between.
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  • Shiva | Web Magazine

    Well I think you are right, removing hotlinking to images is a great idea…but well I use the Lightbox plugin so the image if clicked opens up as a Jquery in the same page itself.
    .-= Shiva | Web Magazine´s last blog ..Team Blogging- Ideas for New Bloggers =-.

  • Sourish @ Iphone 4 Jailbreak

    related images + making paragraph + bold headings , and breaking the post into parts …. using quotes etc etc


  • Sourish @ Iphone 4 Jailbreak

    the main idea is make it readable. after writing a post , read it for yourself , and see if you were the reader , will you like going through all that ….. self analyzing is imp


  • Satyajit@SecurityHunk

    Yeah i completely agree with you it sometimes happens that if by mistake we click on an image it get diverted to another page and we may not feel like coming to the original page…this may result in increase in bounce rate :)

    Thanks for sharing… :)
    .-= Satyajit@SecurityHunk´s last blog ..Facebook Hacking Tutorials Videos by Rafay Baloch Review =-.

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