HTC's Beats Audio now on your Android device

How To: Install HTC’s Beats Audio app on any Android device

Yes its true. HTC’s Beats Audio, the music enhancer software that comes bundled with every HTC Phone is now available for your Android Phone too and also its completely free.

We have seen many Android apps which can be used to amplify your music and add extraordinary sound effects on your Droid smartphone such as DSP Manager, PowerAMP, Xloud, etc, unlike the stock music app which consists of no music enhancements whatsoever.

How to install HTC's beats audio app on any android device

Beats Audio is one such software which elevates your music to the next level but this app existed for HTC users only, until recently a Senior Member at the XDAForums who goes by the codename “RockoDev” developed the app for all Android devices. Many users have confirmed it works for all the Android versions. The files consists of a flashable zip which is to be put on the root of your sdcard and flashed using a recovery app like ClockworkMod.

Here’s a step by step procedure on how to flash it.


1. Make sure you have a recovery manager like ClockworkMod or ROM Manager before trying to flash this file.

2. Make sure your Android device is fully rooted i.e. you have Superuser access to your Droid filesystem.

3. Make sure you are using a Android 2.3+ Gingerbread ROM atleast. This app is not tested on Phones running Froyo or any other lower category ROMs.

If you are sure you meet all the above requirements please proceed to the next step on how to install Beats Audio.


Step 1: Download the Beats Audio zip file by visiting this thread at XDA.

Step 2: Copy the file to the root of your sdcard i.e. don’t keep it in any folder.

Step 3: Reboot into Recovery by pressing Power+Home button simultaneously and choose the option Install zip from sdcard.

Step 4: Locate the file you copied in Step 2 and Press Yes. Let it flash and then select Reboot system now.

Voila. Check out your App drawer and there it is the Beats Audio app!

If you would like a video tutorial instead, here it is.

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Source: XDA Blog

  • I think here symbol is little bit similar to one of the telecommunication company, any way I think android user will enjoy more music with this application.

  • Here, very nicely describe the requirements for installing beats audio which is very beneficial to know becasue sometimes it might happen that we are installing the new software on any device and if it is not works then we gives review it is not good software.

  • its really did a great job..!

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    can u please tell me dat,how can i install audiobeats software in my HTC explorer…m confused.i dnt knw how to do dis please help me out….

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    Dude, that’s hacking into the system!! A slight bump anywhere could render your phone dead and can be restored only at the authorized service centre. And yes, all your data is lost.

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    Hi Gautam….Really awesome app. I own HTC One V and have this app inbuilt in my phone. It is really enjoyable app and give a unique experience of using it. Thanks for this very well explained article with installing guideline.

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    can i install this on my htc explorer?