How to Install and Run Microsoft Office 2007 in Ubuntu/Linux

Linux is a free open source operating system which is used by thousand across the world. The one thing i didn’t like about linux was you weren’t able to install and run Microsoft Office (e.g word, excel, powerpoint, onenote ect..). After heavy research and try and error for many hours i have finally managed to install and run Microsoft Office on my laptop which uses Ubuntu Linux 10.04 (LTS).

Today i am going to share with you all how i managed to install and run the software! But before hand i must warn you that some of the code in this tutorial which you have to use to run Microsoft office may corrupt your computer if inputted incorrectly! We do not take any responsibility if your computer/laptop/notebook ect.. gets harmed!

Step 1:
Go to  your application tab and select Ubuntu Software Centre. Then search and install “Wine Microsoft Windows Compatibility layer”. Once installed close the Ubuntu Software Centre by clicking the X

Step 2:
Now you have to install a plugin called “Wine Tricks”. To install this go to “Applications > Accessories  > Terminal”. When the terminal appears type in the below command , then press enter on your keyboard


This process of installing may take a couple of minutes. So be patient!

Step 3:
You know have to active the plugin. So type in the command below wait a couple of minutes and then resume to step 4

sh winetricks msxml13 dotnet20 gdiplus riched20 riched30 vcrun2005sp1

A whole lot of text will appear which means the plugin is now running as it should.

Step 4:
We know how to edit a sentence of linux’s coding. Please MAKE SURE you do the following below correctly or you may corrupt your system. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

To edit the code now go back into terminal and this time type the command

gksu gedit /usr/share/applications/wine.desktop

Now a text document should appear. Now look for the code “xec=cautious-launcher %f wine start /unix” and delete it and replace it with ” Exec=wine start /unix %f ” don’t include the “.

Step 5:
Now restart your computer. You can proceed without restarting, this just makes sure that changes do take affect.

Step 6:
Now you need to edit a settings. Now go to  Applications > Wine > Configure Wine

Under Windows Settings click on the arrow on the drop down menu and select “Windows XP”. Only the Windows XP settings will work! Now click apply and close the window

Step 7:
Now insert your Microsoft office 2007 disc, open the disc and RIGHT click “Setup.exe” and than select “Open with Wine”

Then install office 2007 like you would with windows. But when you get prompted to install windows updates say “No, Never”. This may cause ubuntu to go funny if you say yes.


Thats all you have to do now Office should work. Please keep in mind this may contain a number of bugs as Wine is still in developing stages!


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  • 33 posts later i finally post a tutorial 🙂

  • Curtains now!! The most awaited tutorial is here from Shaquille. Thnx a lot for sharing mate 🙂
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    • 😀 Chethan is pleased with me as i had edited it with meta data and stuff to save him time lol. Should i have a flash app of opening curtians than the article appears? lol jks, Flash sucks!
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  • Gautam A.D.

    Good article!! I use for reading Microsoft Office documents but with this i can even save in MSOffice format.

    • The best part. I love both open office and word. But i like word more as its more presentable and has more feature! Now you can use word 🙂
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  • nice share dude , but i get scared when they ask for linux Commands on Ubuntu

  • Now all the more reason to use Linux as a primary operating system 😀


  • Hi that is very easy work for install and operate office 2007 is very easy work all is very informative sharing thanks for it.
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  • wow..mate..superb…even we can do same thing for photoshop?? i installed before i got gui problem there
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    • Photoshop CS4 (basic & extended) – Installable but crashs often
      Photoshop CS5 (basic & extended) – Will not install or will not run

      That is what people are saying about it on Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10beta

  • moh

    Great work:
    A word of caution, this method only works for Word and Excel, other parts of office 2007, like onenote, publisher, powerpoint, etc either don’t open at all or crash soon afterwards.
    Another suggestion on the WWW somewhere uses playonlinux method, same problem with that as well. Just word and excel work.
    Hope Wine would someday be able to run the full package.

  • sammyt sam