How to Import Synced BookMarks in Google Chrome to a New Browser?

Google Chrome, A Month ago officially Released its Browser with Features Like Bookmark Sync and Extensions. I am a Hard-Core Google Chrome User and I am Very Pretty much happy with BookMarks Synchronization Feature.

What is a Bookmark?
We Could Mark a Page as Important by Starring the Particular Webpage. The Stared Webpages can be Used for Further References for Future. We Call This Feature as BookMark.

Bookmarks are Limited to Machine’s Web Browser. You Mark a Page as Important in One Machine and You would Like to Refer The Same Page from Different Machine. Say, You Have Marked a Page as Important in Home and You want to see the bookmarked page in office. So People Expected Bookmarks to be Global and can be Used in any machine.

BookMark Sync, A Solution by Google Chrome

Google Chrome Released a Feature , which Automatically Syncs your Saved Bookmarks to Web. So All Your Bookmarks are Hosted Online as soon as you Star a Page. What’s More! Now, You can easily Access Bookmark’s from the Cloud by Just Importing to a New Machine.

To Enable Bookmark Sync option on your Google Chrome Web browser Click on the settings option and Check on Enable BookMark Sync

Once You Enable this feature on Your Browser, Your Bookmarks starts getting Synced automatically.

Importing Synced Bookmarks to New Machine

So, How Do I import These BookMarks to a New Machine where I don’t have any clue of any Bookmarks…

First of all, it is Important to Know where Exactly Our bookmarks are getting Saved.. Initially, I was Confused to Track the Exact Location of Bookmarks on Web… I thought Google will be Holding Our Saved BookMarks at And Even Visited it Several Times to Find No Clue of Synced Bookmarks. It is True That bookmarks are not Synced to Google Bookmarks (

Your Google BookMarks are Synced automatically to Google Docs! Remember holds No Copy of your Saved BookMarks. Every BookMark which you made is Present at Google Docs!

Exact Location of Your Synced Bookmarks in Google Docs is Here

Visit, You could see a Left Sidebar.. Select My Folders and Expand it to Find Google Chrome Folder where all Your Bookmarks are Synced

Find the Export Option by Right Clicking on BookMarks Option as shown Below and save it in Required format

Import The Saved BookMarks File to a New Browser in a New Machine with Browser’s Import Option.

Using The Browser’s Bookmarks Manager Feature Import The Saved File on your Hard disk to Browser..

That is it! Everything is done! Now You Can Use BookMarks which are marked at Home in Office and Viceversa, This BookMark Sync feature by Google Chrome is very Much useful for the people who often use different machines.

Hope This Tutorial Helped you in Knowing about Google Chrome’s BookMark Sync Feature and How to Use it. If You Do not have Google Chrome Download here

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