How to get unbanned from punkbuster GUID/World/Hardware Ban


Hey folks, back with new article about some thing that I was bugged from yesterday.

Punk buster is the program which is used to detect cheaters while playing multiplayer games like AA, COD4 & COD5.

I got a Heart Attack when I did something so called cheating unintentionally when I used some hacked profile ( Don’t ask me what I was doing 😛 )

So the show just started and I started getting kicked off the servers with PunkBuster aka PB. It put me in the ban list.In hardware ban they register your MAC address, HDD serial number and a number of stuff. It surely pisses you off when you aren’t doing anything.

I just browsed net! Found some noob ways which didn’t work! So I tried something on my own.

Here is what I did:

  1. Change your HDD port like from RAID 0 to RAID 1. It mainly does nothing more but we will do it!
  2. Changing your MAC Address is useful. You may use free ware utilities like MAD MAC’s Sniffer which is easily available to change the MAC of the adapter and the restart.
  3. Using your old profile and your old key is not a thing I would do! Open COD Multiplayer! Delete your old profile. Make a new one with a multiplayer name (You may be banned from some servers). After that use a new key(Don’t let me say the ‘P’ word here) or just buy a new copy.
  4. You must be done! If not try getting a new Hard Disk. (Not Joking)

Also you can leave some unban request on, but mostly they won’t help.

Hope it helped.


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