How to Get Traffic from Google Wave : Send Your Website via Wave


Google Wave, The New Product from Google is in the news. We are aware of People who are still struggling for an Invite to Join The New Wave by Google. Though Google wave is in the News, No One Exactly Knows how efficiently and effectively Google Wave Could Be Used.

Like Every blogger who Shares their Posts on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, and Many Other Social Sites.. Now it’s the Time to Share Via Google Wave!
Huh! Don’t Expect a Google Wave Button for your Post Now! This is different! Wave

Here I will be Presenting you Step by Step Guide How Google Wave Could help Your Website to Spread Viral across the web.

Requirement: Google Wave Account

(contact @che2on or @dangerdiabolick for 30 Google Wave Invites)

Simple and Easy Steps you must Follow

1. Start a New Wave.

2. Give a Big Heading for Your Site and Bold it

3. Give Some Introduction about Your Website Describing it..

4. Based on Your Creativity You Could Beautify the wave by Displaying some of your Webpages inside the Google Wave

How to add Webpages Inside a Wave in Google Wave?
A Million Dollar Question!

We Can Add Unlimited Web Pages inside The Google Wave by Using Iframes.

How to Enable Iframes inside Google Wave?
here is a Gadget … Just add This Gadget into your Google wave by clicking on Gadget Icon in Google Wave..

google wave gadget url

Once The Gadget Loads you will be able to See 2 Buttons at The Top..
Edit and URL

Iframe gadget edit url

Click on the URL. Change the URL to desired Webpage of yours, Here I have Given in URL…

Set The Height. By default the Size of webpage will be 200px height. You Could Increase The Height of this widget. 400px is a Standard one which covers the Entire wave interface.

chaaps url and height px

That’s it! Iframe is the Trick Here! Using This Iframe Gadget you could embed any of your Webpages inside the Wave.. After Embedding, This is how your wave Looks..with a webpage inside your Wave!

chaaps webpage in wave

Provide Appropriate Headings for the type of webpage you have embedded. (Say, Give Heading as Latest Post and embed the Iframe Gadget with the URL of latest post)

Latest Post Chaaps wave

Provide Easy Navigation from One Section to Other. You Could Even Specify the Wave ID of some other wave which helps the User for Easy Navigation! Now You Could Even give a Backlink to your Friends Website Wave. All Thanks to Link button in Google Wave..

Improve The Viewability of your Wave

Embed a Contact Us Page
Embed a Thank You Page
Embed a Share This Page within the Wave… Give a Professional Look Using Some Interesting Gadgets and Bots in your Wave. Here is huge Collection of 125 Bots

Make Your Official Website Wave as Public
Yes, Your Created Wave must not be confined to You and your Readers/Friends.. You Can make your website public(Visible to Everyone in Google Wave) by adding a Public Bot…
How to Create a Public Wave in Google Wave…

Adding The bot makes your Wave Public. Granting Everyone Access to it…

Remember!!! Participants in Wave are your Readers!

Now The Time has come, in a different way, Your Participants in Google wave are Nothing but your Readers… You Must Consider whoever adds this wave as a a reader of your Blog. You Must Plan to Impress them with a Brand and Stylish Look of your wave.

Target Readers and New Participants:
Start Adding Participants to your Created Wave.
This is important, Decide on Participants.
Add Geeks to your Tech Blog Wave and add Women for Beauty-Tips Blog Wave. Do not do The Reverse!

Make Your Wave Read-Only
As The Number of Participants in wave Increase since and Every one has The Common access to wave, It is necessary to Protect Your Content from Spoilers by Adding Read only Bot for some Blips in wave..

Moderate the Wave
Constantly Monitor Activities in your Created Wave. Add Some Moderators to Maintain your created Wave. Use appropriate Tags Related to Wave.


Happy Waving!

Join Wave by Searching for “with:public” in your search Box of Google Wave!

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