How to Get The New Google Adsense Interface (beta)


Google Adsense has Come up with a New Interface for its Users. The New Adsense is More Faster when compared to the Old one. However it Requires some more time for adsense users to get used to this new beta interface of Adsense.

How Does The New Adsense Interface Look?

The Theme is Some What Similar to Google Adwords Interface. You can say, they have Nicely combined the features of Google Analytics(Those Graphs) and Adwords (Theme).

How do I Switch to New Google Adsense Interface from Old Adsense Inteface(Present one)

You Must be a Able to See a Red link with the Text ” Try New Adsense Interface” on right Top of your Adsense Page when Logged in. (As Shown Below)
Just Click on that link which automatically takes you to New Interface of Adsense.

I cannot See The Button “Try New Adsense Interface Beta” . How Do I get The New Interface for Adsense?

Adsense team are still in the Process of Testing This New Theme. Soon you will be able to See an option to switch into new adsense Interface. If You are in a hurry to have this New Interface of Adsense very Soon, you Could Fill The Interest form. Upon Submitting the Form, Google Adsense team will be soon adding you this new interface for your account.

How different is New Adsense Interface when Compared to Old One?
Content wise, there is No Much difference. The Major Change is On Way of Representing the Stats. You could See Very Impressive Graphs as in Google Analytics.

You Could Revert Back to Old Adsense Interface by Clicking on “Return to old AdSense interface” on Right Top next to Feedback.

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