How to get lot of #ff’s in Twitter

#ff is the acronym of one of the most common twitter trend, #followfriday. #ff or #followfriday is a hashtag used in twitter to suggest their followers to follow a certain person. You can read more about it here.

How to get loads of ff's in Twitter<CREDIT: Flickr>

If you want to get loads of #ff’s, users must think that you are an interesting tweep – worth following. Hence, you must try your best to be an interesting tweep. Here are a few tips for you to consider:

1. Be interesting

No man ever cares you are honest while tweeting, ‘be interesting’ is the note!

Though twitter was meant to be just an answer for the question “What are you upto?”, If you tweet:

I had coffee, my mom had put 1 spoon sugar instead of the normal 3/4th of a spoon of sugar so i am angry with her and went to office without breakfast…

No one give you a #ff for this, rather they’ll unfollow you! 😉

2. Don’t Let The Link On Your Twitter Profile Link To Your Twitter Profile itself

Link to your facebook profile, your blog, or just leave it blank. Dull students like me click it and have our shape out and angrily we’ll start hating you! 😛

3. Have a good balance between the number of people you are following and the number of followers you have

@muru0410: Following: 86; Followers: 92

@karan7n: Following: 47; Followers: 10

Whom will you follow, among these two? Obviously @muru0410 right? Once your following count increases than your follower count, start unfollowing unwanted people. For unfollowing unwanted Tweeps you can use services like TheTwitCleaner or ManageFlitter.

4. Be active, but not hyper-active

What could be the conditions if your speed was 120 tph?

Didn’t get it?
tph = tweets per hour.

Having a part in someone’s timeline is no wrong, but if only your tweets reach their timeline, do you think they’ll suggest you as their #ffs?

5. Retweeting is no crime; but only Retweeting is a crime, BIG crime!

I hit Ctrl+F and type your <username>, next to each tweet I see that scribble called RT. Aint that disgusting?
So start @mentioning your tweeps, sending tweets about what you are upto, including hashtags and RT only what you should and not what you feel like.

6. Username: @chaaps and a tweet about a small girl biting bipasha’s finger during the IIFA award ceremony. Weird right?

Straight away tweeps will unfollow you because they might have expected technology updates from @chaaps and if I tweet about that small girl biting bipasha’s little finger, the tweep may though sometimes suggest you to his fellow twitterers… better not to follow you.

They were some tips to get #ff’s and be an interesting tweep. We know that isn’t all… But where’s the fun if we tell it all? Do share your thoughts on how to be an interesting tweep and earn #ff‘s.