How to Get Google Schemer Invite? What is Google Schemer BTW?

Google schemer is all set to break all viral records. “Google schemer?” i just WOWed as i heard the name. is where you end up once you do a google search for “Google Schemer”! Yes, its yet another Google product which treats things as schemes! Well Google Schemer is in Beta and you need an Invite to access! I have few invites with me!

Read on..

I just liked the way how google schemer works…It asks you “what are you scheming?” and places 2 options, whether you have done this scheme or you want to do it! That’s all about it…

Initially i thought its something like Foursquare’s TO-DO list, According to me, its not similar to it all… Schemer has something extra with it… You can start adding your schemes, immediately you can respond to others scheme!! OOOPS… You gotta try soon then. You get to know, what things you have still not done in your life and what things you’ve already done in you life ( some1 might have not done!)..

My Initial impressions for Google Schemer is just WOW because of its cool design, realtime, fast and nicely integrates with your google account!!

Here are few screenshots..

You need an invite to access Google Schemer.. I have some 15 Invites left for Google schemer…Here are some direct links for google schemer…

If the above link is expired, drop your email id right NOW to get google schemer invite!! its all about excitement to a new product(yes google’s) !!

Lets Scheme!

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