How to fully restore your WordPress Blog

Backup Guide

You are reading this article because:

  • At this point, i think you have already screwed up your blog somehow and crying in help what to do next OR
  • Congratulations you are much more cleverer than you think you are!

Ok, so now that you are here let me tell you how to create a foolproof blog that you can use to restore if anything goes wrong and i mean “ANYTHING”. Sometime in the future if your server gets crashed suddenly, or your SQL databases become corrupt or if there’s a plugin gone rogue, whatever may be the situation you will totally thank god that you stumbled upon this article.

Backing up your Databases

(Serious shit, dont joke around this area)

Wordpress Backup technology

Every WP Blogger might have heard of this awesome plugin. What it does is it backs up your entire database including, posts, comments, and other wordpress core tables. Install this plugin from here For genuinity, this plugin is created by Austin Matzko (WP username: filosofo). Download it and install it. Schedule your backups daily, weekly or monthly. I backup my databases to my computer locally when making some minor changes.

Restoring your backed up Databases

(If you screw in here, wave your final goodbye to your blog)

Set it and forget it!

If you have backed up your databases through WP-DB Backup plugin, read more.

  1. First delete your wp-content/cache folder, then
  2. Login to phpMyAdmin present in your Webhost.
  3. Select your wordpress database.
  4. Tickmark all the tables that reside in your database
  5. Select the DROP option to delete them forever.
  6. Upload your database by selecting the import tab and browsing where you had saved the backup earlier created by WP-backup plugin.

Backup and restore your Themes, Images and Plugins

(You can live without it)

Save your Blog!

Login to your FTP account and download the whole wp-content folder onto your computer. It will include all the themes, plugins and uploads made by you. To restore them simply copy them back in the same folder.

By the time you are done, your Blog will be looking just like the last time you had seen it.

Backup now!

For the paranoid users, there’s a software called XMAPP available, which will run your blog locally on your computer without the need of any internet connection allowing you to preview any changes made to your blog before you actually make them on your live blog. For installing your XMAPP check out this awesome tutorial over here.

Please comment and share your views about WordPress backup technology. Have you ever suffered a major loss of your blog and had to repent over your mistakes or are you just too clever and developed a secret backup plugin of your own? Please let us know!

  • Tarun

    Thanks for the heads up !

    • you are welcome tarun! 🙂 thanx for the comment! 🙂 🙂

  • This post cant have any other perfect time. I was just gonna search for this on web, but before that I encountered your article. Thanks… I really need this.

    • you are always welcome Rajesh! for more news and updates stay tuned to Chaaps! 🙂

  • This is a great article, I’ve seen to many hacked sites a few months ago. This makes you think twice to make sure you have a current backup. Hope you don’t mind taking some notes of the steps just in case I have to restore. Currently I have export plugin that I take to keep my info on development server just in case.

    • yep POS, export plugin is good too…if something happens, you can always import it back from the tools section! backups are always important, coz nobody knows when u r gonna hit a dead end! 🙂

  • I had to do this not to long ago. To bad i didn’t have this when it happened. It wasn’t hard just time consuming to figure out for the first time.

    • thanx a lot for the comment, used textbooks! 🙂 i m sorry dat this article arrived from me so late! hopefully now you can share dis article wit ur friends so dat they dont get stuck at the same point! 🙂