Get that background music from a YouTube video

How to Find out a Song Name From a YouTube Video

Today i will give you a simple and short tutorial on how to find out a song name from a youtube video. Most of us visit Youtube a lot to watch funny videos, watch movies, etc and when we see a youtube video with a great background song in it, we will definitely want to know the name of that song, won’t we?

I stumbled upon a video today and found a great song inside it but i didn’t know how to get that song. So here are the two ways you can easily find out a youtube video’s background song without going through the trouble of recording a video and searching aimlessly of what to do next.

First Way: When a youtube video is uploaded there is this feature called AudioSwap with which users use an another youtube video’s music and play it in their video as an audio track. After using this AudioSwap feature the information about that audio file is visible in the Statistics section of the video.

Just click the Show video statistics icon which is located beside the video views and here you can find the name, album and artist of the song that has been used in the video.

How to find out a song name from a youtube video

Second Way: The second way is kinda stupid but it works nonetheless. Just listen to the track’s lyrics that is being played in the Youtube video and remember some of those lyrics. Now go to and type the song’s lyrics and hit the Search button. Lyrster’s audio database is pretty vast and it also uses Google’s database to power their searches and i am pretty sure you will find the song you are looking for in minutes. Of course, if the song is an instrumental it could be difficult to find it, but relax what else is the third way for?

Third Way or The Hard Way: You have to convert the Youtube video into and MP3 format and save it onto your hard disk. or can be very helpful to convert videos for you. After saving it, play the song you had saved earlier in any media player, now go to and click the search button, make sure the song is still playing in your player. will search its database to find that specific song and if you are lucky it will list you the exact name and artist of the song. You can also use Midomi’s sing feature to sing a song on a mic, rather than playing it on your media player.

If all else fails you can use Google’s very own Google Music Search to discover your favorite song name, it uses the whole Google’s database, and we all know how power it is 😉

Did you find this article helpful? If yes make a comment and tell us if you found out the song name from these methods!

  • I have no idea that there is another simple way to find a song on youtube.Thanks for the share. it helps a lot as I used to download a songs on youtube.

  • hey I like the ways you have described over here. Will make their use and share them as well .

  • I’m gonna try such ways to prove that it really works. Thanks for sharing this info.

  • nice blog post Thanks for sharing honey

  • First way is easy to do because for that we all will not have to do much extra effort to get it to be done. Third way is also good but it is quite lengthy.

  • Thanks for sharing the Second way – I must admit , I haven’t tried it before but it is intriguing. I’ve always just used a quoted search in search engine’s. That has always worked well for me.

  • Very Useful tips. Also i haven’t use it previous. But i like to implement first option for doing this task.

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  • Usually don’t bother with the title. I simply type a portion of the lyrics.:) But hey this one is really helpful.

  • Really interesting and useful info for YouTube lovers.

  • emobile developer

    Interesting ways for finding song name. Second one really seems little stupid but i liked it. Listening the lyric and type it on lyrster really funny. Thanks Gautam for amazing share.

  • dddd

    these tips are stupid and useless

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    Hey… Gautam, These are really interesting ways to search a song name from YouTube video. I personally use the second way to find a song name. Anyways, thanks for sharing such an informative piece.