How to Deal With Broadband Speed Problems

Using a broadband internet connection can be fun but since most of us use our broadband internet because of the extraordinary speed it provides and it will be really frustrating to be getting slow speeds from our broadband connection.

Many people experience speed problems with their broadband connection and a large percentage of them blame their ISP for it; others give one excuse or the other when in reality they are the ones responsible for the problems they’re experiencing with their broadband connection. It can be very difficult to say if your internet speed problems are from you or from your ISP especially if you don’t have much knowledge about technological things.

This article will be giving you some sure-fire tips to overcome every speed problems you may be facing with your broadband internet.

Check Your Computer

The above statement is what very few people want to hear when it comes to the speed of an internet connection while in reality it is responsible for a large percentage of the speed problems people face. If you’re having speed problems with your broadband connection the first thing you should check is your computer. Try to see if running programs or working on your computer system is very slow or if it is only with your internet connection.

If your computer does hang in the middle of your work or if you find it difficult to open files quickly there is a great probability the problem is from you. In cases like this the problem has to do with your hardware. If you discover your computer is having hardware problems it will be better to take it to the nearest engineer to help you check what is wrong with it.

Check for Software/Virus Problems

A virus can be very dangerous and deadly to the extent of making it impossible to access the internet using a very fast internet connection. The functions of computer viruses differ and they are capable of almost anything. Some computer virus are programmed to be downloading files from your system to an anonymous person on the internet and this can consume a large portion of your bandwidth thereby making your broadband connection frustratingly slow; in cases like this it is highly advisable to download the latest antivirus from the internet and do a thorough scan of your computer.

Sometimes the problem you’re experiencing might not be from a virus but from some software programs on your computer so it is highly important to do a thorough check of the softwares installed on your computer to make sure you only install those you really need. If you don’t need a particular software program then it has no use on your computer; remove it immediately.

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  • Yeah, its always very annoying whenever I have issues with my internet connection. I recently switched internet providers at home and have been experiencing problems, it always goes out at a certain time! Its amazing… even the technician who came out could not see anything wrong =(


  • My problem with my broadband there’s a time is in good speed and there’s the time that I couldn’t even get in. I check my computer hardware and its fine. I did run an anti virus to chase those an nasty stuff. There’s just this time that It won’t give the better connection. I dunno if its my provider or there’s something wrong with my computer that i still i didn’t know.
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  • Good post. It’s certainly true that many users tend to overlook issues within their computer first but it’s human nature to think we are perfect. The awareness about viruses and trojans is also quite weak among many of us. But thankfully, people are getting more aware about such risks and are taking measures to make sure their computers are not the cause of issues.

  • Turn off all automatic updates, turn off firewalls, turn off browser toolbars, use turbo enabled opera browser and do not clear browsing catch frequently if you are really experiencing a speed problem.
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  • Some good tips as well as those found in the comments. Some speed problems are out of your control and are indeed your ISP’s fault but these are wonderful ideas to consider if that isn’t the case.

    – Robert
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