How to Create Theme in New Facebook Profile by Photo Tagging!

Very Recently Facebook rolled out its new design and asked us to “Upgrade to New Profile” by making some updates and changes in looks here and there. One of the Prominent thing to observe in New Profile of facebook was, it displayed the Tagged Photos of yours in the Homepage and gave a more control allowing you to shuffle the Photo Tagged Photos as you like..

That is it, An Innovation in Design of New Facebook Profile has Begun! have a look at the Profile of Alexandre Oudin! Surprised? Yes, People are now creating trends by Creatively designing their Profiles just by placing the Photos in Right Place! Scramble Game!

Unlike Twitter where the User has an Option to Upload the background picture and customize the appearance, Facebook doesn’t have any such option to do the same. So it is challenging to your Creative minds to make the most of the New Profile and to own a uber cool Design for your facebook Profile!

Picture speak Thousand Words! But how do we create this Thousand word speaking picture? xadacka has made an attempt by uploading this Tutorial How to make creative designs using photo tags in New Facebook Profile making use of Photoshop Tools..

Facebook Profile Picture Hack Tutorial

One More Good Video on New Facebook Profile by StinsonDesign

Here are Some Cool looking new facebook profile designs!

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