How to Create Public Wave in Google Wave? with:public


You have got The Google Wave Invitation but You are not sure how to experiment Things in Google wave. Since Google Wave is still in Limited Preview Version and available only Through Invitation, Chances are less that all your Friends are credited with a Google Wave Account.

By The Definition of Google Wave, we know That Wave is a Real Time Communication and Collaboration. How Could You Test The Real Time Communication in Wave, when You have Less Friends or No Friends at all who are in your Wave Account!?

Here is a Solution! The Best way is to Create a Public Wave, where whatever you dump in the wave will go Public! which is Visible to all.. Your Activity will be observed by any of the Google Wave Account Holders and He/She Shall Join a Conversation with you as well! Everything is Possible when you make Your Created wave as Public. Making a Wave Public allows the Wave to appear in Public TimeLine!

Google Wave Public

So, How do I make my wave Public ?
Here is a way That You can Change your Wave behavior to Public [Everyone Can Access this wave].

Just add the Bot as a contact in your Wave account by Clicking on (+) button at Left-Bottom of your Google Wave Interface. That’s it! with the help of easypublic bot Now we could turn any existing wave as Public and also can create a new public wave.
Yes, 2 Easy Steps to Create a Public Wave…

  • Click on The New Wave Button
  • Add the bot to the Created wave.

Now a New Bot by Name Appears on The Wave List above with a Globe Icon! Now You are in a Public Wave(converted the existing wave into Public) , This Can be Viewed by any Wave User across the Globe.  Make Sure That You don’t share Much Information when you are on Public wave as Your wave is appearing in Public Time Line and everybody could view it.


How to find Myself in Public TimeLine? /
How to find Public waves in Google wave [Search a Public wave]?

You could search any existing Public Google Wave by searching it in Wave Search Box with a Command.

with:public is the Command used to search to View all Public waves in Google Wave…. The Screenshot explains you much better how Every Public wave is viewed using with:public search Command

with public

Other Search Option Which is Handy,

with:public Displays all Public Waves
with:public has:gadget Displays all Public Waves which has gadget in it
with:public has:bot Displays all Public Waves which has Bot in it.
with:public by:me Displays Public waves which You Interacted with.

Use The Terms with, has, by for more accurate results.

For Prominent Searches Like with:public You could create a Button for Public yourself Just by defining your own query like with:public in the Search option and Saving the Search Term as Public. This Could be very handy while searching for a public wave. Saved Search Results. The Below Screenshot shows how a Search query can be named and can be used Frequently..

search public button

public button

Also Make Use of the Tags and Filters and Archive your Favorite waves as You Like!

Things we Learnt:

  • Adding Turns a wave into Public Wave
  • Using Search Commands like with:public to Search for Public Waves
  • Creating a Saved Search Button, Tags, Filters and Archives.

Share Your Views on This Post.. Do You Know any other Search Queries for Google Wave? How much safe is a Public Wave? Leave your Responses by commenting here..