How to build relationships with your Blog readers?

Blogging is a profession, one of it’s kind, in which Bloggers depend upon readers more than themselves. Therefore, interaction with readers is something that every Blogger has to concentrate on. That’s why, after the end of any post Pro-bloggers write, they humbly request readers to share their views in the comments or the likes. Below are a few ways to build a relationship with your readers.

Readers are the most important part of a Blog
Bloggers revolve around readers


My part is too less now – You know it all. Every popular blog has Comments enabled and it can be drawn to a simple conclusion that: More the number of comments, more is the popularity of Blogs.


This is one way to make your readers interact in a better way. We those who have used Windows 7 thoughtlessly hate MS DOS, Similarly most of us would like to fill up polls rather than go to the comment box, Fill up details and then post our comment.

Conduct surveys

This give your readers a positive impression about you that you give your readers a lot of respect. Moreover, you can deliver what your readers require.

Ask for suggestions

Suggest your readers to suggest you some suggestions. This suggests the users that their suggestions are valuable and this may cause first-time readers to turn into regular readers of your Blog. I suggest you to ask your readers for suggestions.
You must really suggest this tip to all of your friends! 😛

Reply instantly

When your reader has placed a query to you on Facebook, Twitter or via the contact form reply as soon as possible. This upgrades your trustworthiness.

Guest post in other Blogs

Best way so far to build relationships in the blogosphere, not with your readers but with fellow bloggers. However, fellow Bloggers maybe considered as readers, too. Guest blogging not only gives you a backlink, fame and a sum of money if you guest post in a revenue sharing blog but above all, you can build relationships with fellow Bloggers. Did you know? You can write guest posts for us. [Read more]
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How do you build a relationship with your readers? Share with us in your comment.

  • congrats on your new PR Dude … im sure u must be jumping with joy now

    .-= Sourish @ iTouch 4´s last blog ..VLC Player Remote Control using iTouch 4 iPhone =-.

  • Guest post in other blogs could help in creating more good relation ….

    .-= Crunchynow´s last blog ..Protect WordPress Admin area with Login LockDown Plugin =-.

  • I am given very short, confusing guidelines that I can`t understand because he is in a hurry. What I want to know is, with the code below….

    • Oh, I’m sorry that you didn’t understand my guidelines. Can you just tell me what made me confusing?

  • I haven’t done, “Polls” conduct survey, guest post in another blog.

    The rest i have done it. I have been thinking about the poll, but installing plugin make me thinking twice.

    Or do you have any idea how to get poll in wp without plugin?

    .-= Kimi´s last blog ..WordPress Related Posts Without Plugin =-.

    • We don’t have any plugins running in chaaps either. I have just grabbed the code from polldaddy and added it to my post. If a tutorial is needed, just tell me and i’ll post one! 🙂

  • Thanks for the reply Murugappan!

    I have heard about poll daddy, but have never used it.

    I have checked the speed of this site, the poll daddy button images slow down the site too.

    Thank you for the links and great advice!
    .-= Kimi´s last blog ..WordPress Themes For Law Firms =-.

    • We can get a polldaddy plugin. But if you don’t use polls too often, you can paste the script in your post.
      I used a polldaddy poll here and found no much difference in the page load time.

      Glad you found my advice useful. 🙂

  • How far we can justify the friendships and relationships online?

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  • I am not allowed to read or comment to other students’ blogs; and they are not allowed to read mine. The topic of the blog ranges form philosophical discourses to modern political situation.

  • Nice list 🙂 I wonder how this poll thing works ? what if I write a poll kind of post is that okay ?
    .-= Himadri Dimri´s last blog ..Facebook Fact Posts on Saturdays get maximum Likes =-.