Blogging under extreme stress

How To: Blog Under Extreme Pressures

I guess its common sense that you shouldn’t blog when you are sick. That’s why i am going to tell you how to blog under extreme pressures in this article.

Many of you are just plain paranoid about blogging regularly. First things first, you will not die if you don’t blog today. Your blog will not suffer any major consequences. You must have come across many guides on blogging that say blog regularly, and as much as its true, its not the only means for you to keep your blog active.

Here are some things that i experimented to keep my blogging on its natural course and to eliminate the blogging stress :

1. Schedule your Blog posts

Its a good thing to blog daily but if you have more than two posts in a queue then i had better publish only one post today and keep the next one for tomorrow. You never know what’s gonna happen the next day. God forbid, you may fall sick, your girlfriend decides to break up with you or your boss invites you for dinner and saying no is not an option. There are many disasters when it comes to blogging too.

schedule your blog posts for bad times

There are steps you can take if these things happen. Always make it a habit to schedule your posts to be published at a specified time. If you are on a WordPress platform, the CMS has already a schedule post option in the post editor section. Just set the date and time when you wish your post to be live, and you are done!

2. Don’t be Lazy

Many of us tend to get lazy when it comes to blog, just like studies. To be honest, i hate studies and i study at exam time only. I know its not a good practice but lately i am trying to change my routine.

dont get lazy while blogging

You should never develop a lazy habit when blogging, and i am confident when i say that, just leave blogging if you don’t have a passion for it. You will achieve wonders if you do what you are good at…Seriously!

3. Out of ideas? Adopt traditional methods.

If you are out of topics to write on your blog and realize your blog concentrates on a particular niche rather than the whole world news, don’t get tensed. Just revert to the traditional means for finding articles such as TV, Newspaper, Magazines etc.

dont get frustrated or confused in blogging

Take for example your blog is related to technology. Purchase a newspaper such as Times of India or Deccan Herald and check out the Technology page. You will find many articles out there related to your genre. Just pick one and start blogging. You can also go for Chip magazine, Jasubhai Digital Media or other such good magazines.

revert to magazines for tech articles as source posts

Better than all you can also tune in to your Cable TV and watch NDTV Good Times. Rajiv Makhni is a very well know Tech Guru. You can get tons of ideas out there. Another good one is BBC Click for all your tech news.

Just 2 days back, a friend of mine asked me how do you get ideas to blog, where do you find your sources? My reply to him was very simple, The Internet. Don’t get too complex about posting original stuff everytime. If you are in a hurry and there is no other option left you can go to, just copy paste their blog post article and give a link back to their blog post boldly at the bottom of the post.

NOTE: This method is not considered harmful for your blog’s SEO if you do it the right way, i.e. by giving link to their post. But don’t use this method too many times as link-heavy posts are not good for your blog’s health.

4. Don’t get frustrated, Sip a Cup of Coffee, Relax!

Blogging continuously for hours will lose your concentration. Take breaks after you have made a post. Go out for a walk or sit in the sun for a while. Drink coffee and listen to soft music. Doing meditation and Yoga are the best procedures to regain your concentration immediately.

sip a cup of coffee and relax in between blogging

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  • Blogging when under pressure is not a good idea. Since you will be pressured out and sometimes those ideas will start to clog up in your mind. And you will be able to produce low quality contents and blog post. So it would be better to schedule your postings so that you won’t be cramping.

    • thats right. 🙂 scheduling is a very good habit…even i schedule posts for those bad days when i couldn’t blog!

  • Relaxation is must for blogging because for writing content for blog, you have need of fresh mind for expressing your ideas through blog.

  • bappictg

    I agree with this topic,but writing blog somebody take much seriously and become addicted it,so they can’t stop themselves by writing blog.
    stop ringing in ears

  • Blogging is a matter of time management. It can also make your mind confused, pressured and can cause headaches especially if you have no words to write. I agree to Gautam that “meditate, take a walk, or take coffee” after you had post one so that your brain can relax for the mean time. Remember that our brain is like the CPU of computer, once you loaded it with full information, then it will lead to system hang-up.

  • After reading this post. I can understand in so much problems, how we can do best blogging with effectiveness. Thnaks.