How to avoid getting distracted while writing killer posts

Blogging ain’t an easy job. Back one year we asked you how much time do you spend writing an article and most of you said us that you spend less than a hour in writing normal posts but spend at least a hour or more in writing killer posts. Writing three to four killers a week is a considerably great idea. Friends pinging you to chat, twitter mentions and the Facebook notifications can distract you a lot more than offline distraction. Here is a list of how to avoid distractions, both online and offline.

Distractions while writing a Killer post

How to avoid distractions while writing killer posts?

Offline distractions:

  • Sit in a distraction-free room where nobody calls you or disturbs you. A sound-proof room would be a great Idea. 😛
  • A good environment around your PC – A comfortable chair to sit on, A cool and dry atmosphere where both your PC and yourself are in the productive most.
  • Saved the best for the last: Wear a headphone, Switch on some rock music and keep the volume maximum. You are now ultimately on the virtual world, literally!

Online distractions:

  • Go invisible: I know Chethan Thimmappa, Harsh Agarwal and many other Bloggers who go invisible when writing posts. This is pretty much effective, non-geeks doesn’t attempt to chat with you when you are shown as offline.
  • Go offline: Some situations do occur when people ping you even if you are invisible and seem to be offline. At such situations, Going offline in your Facebook/Gtalk/AIM messenger is the only way to get out of disturbances and distractions.
  • Turn off notifications: If you have a desktop-based application like TweetDeck, Digsby, or any other such program disable notifications so that you don’t get to see irritating pop-ups.
  • Don’t add unwanted contacts or friends: There are some spammy people revolving round the internet who not only frustrates you online but a few contacts find personal details like Mobile number and cause you great trouble. Hence, it is always recommended not to add unwanted, spammy contacts to your friend list.

I hope you found the above measures useful. Do let me know how do you avoid getting distracted while writing your posts through the comments.

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  • Your PC can definitely be your best and worst enemy when it comes to doing your articles, I mean the web is full of distractions, even when you are doing research you can easily get side tracked! It’s tough for sure, but the best thing you can do is know what you have to do and stick with it. And definitely turn off those Instant messaging programs.

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  • for not getting distracted i just close all my messengers and room and the posts the worst part is i can not disconnect landline or else internet doesn’t work how were got some ideas.
    Thank you!!!!!!!!
    .-= Karan´s last blog ..Google’s new URL Shortener =-.

  • Is it just me or does a cup of coffee or soft-drink in front of me spoil my post 😀 Avoid Eating would be an advice I would give 😛 Killer posts should always be published only after 5-6 revisions, so distractions during one or two of those revisions wont make much of a difference…

  • I didn’t know what was after me. It was dark, but I kept running, trying to find a way to escape. The snow fell almost like it was ready to cover up any evidence that someone was there.
    .-= John roofing products´s last blog ..Asphalt Roofing Cost vs Metal Roofing Costs =-.

  • I think is hard not to get distracted and I think this will help “Saved the best for the last: Wear a headphone, Switch on some rock music and keep the volume maximum. You are now ultimately on the virtual world, literally!”
    .-= Luis´s last blog ..Is Yoga Anti-Christian =-.

  • I love the picture 🙂 , when I write a post usually I use my desktop computer so I don’t get distracted by notifications or anything like that it helps some
    .-= wordgeist´s last blog ..Glasses Made Selena Gomez Very Embarrassed =-.

  • Nice post.. Bloggers has to be offline to write posts. eg: when i get into FB, I forget about blogging and stuffs
    .-= Athul @ Juniorhero´s last blog ..HOW TO- 3 Ways to Find Girls on Facebook =-.

  • I also remain Invisible most of the times while I’m writing a huge post. It’s better to avoid Social Media interactions. But sometimes it becomes addictive 😛
    .-= Mani Viswanathan´s last blog ..Mozilla steps into the Android market with Firefox 4 Beta =-.

  • yeah offcourse every point u wrote is correct 🙂 , but if we dont respond they fell bad..some stay offline untill u finish ur work..
    .-= sureshpeters´s last blog ..SEO – A info for beginners =-.

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