[How-to] assign a shortcut key to any program in Windows Vista

My system crashed just the day before yesterday, and I was all busy setting up programs and applications. After recovery, I installed VLC media player  and then I was exploring the properties, just for fun. There, accidentally, I found how to assign a shortcut key to any program or application. Here’s the clear tutorial of what should be done in order to assign a shortcut key to an application:

Assigning a shortcut key to any Application in Windows Vista

  • Select the application  for which you want to assign a shortcut for.
  • Right-Click > Properties
VLC Media player - Properties
VLC Media player - Properties
  • In properties, under Shortcuts, you have an option called Shortcut key
  • Under that, type the key you want to be set as the shortcut key
Assigning a shortcut
Assigning a shortcut key
  • If you choose a key from the Num-pad, when you hit that key automatically the required Application (here VLC media player) will start running. OR if you choose a key which is not in the num-pad, you must hit Ctrl + Alt + [The key assigned].
  • Now you are done with assigning a shortcut key to the required application.

Note: In order to use this feature you must be a System administrator; I was an administrator, Lucky me!

I’m using Windows vista from past two years, but still I came to the limelight just today. Do let me know if you were aware of this trick. Also let me know whether this feature is present in Windows XP/Win7 [Don’t mind, Eh! :P]