How Cyber Attacks can be Prevented?

How can Cyber Attacks be prevented?

Cyber attacks can be prevented using Cloud Computers. Clould Computers can prevent distributed denial of service that exploits traditional servers. This is the main advantage of Cloud Computers.

What so special in Clould Computers that makes it prevent cyber attacks?

The Three main ingredients of cloud computers that makes them immune from cyber attacks are elasticity, bandwidth and redundancy.

Many Pc’s all over the world are infected with a virus. These virus are used by hackers to convert them into software bots slaved to some master control program. Introduction of a virus to a Pc is the main root cause for distributed denial of service (DDoS). By sending comments or messages to this infected computers, the hacker can manage huge number of requests all being sent to the same domain simultaneously. This prevents the users access  and some time leads to server crashes.

The main purpose of creating DDoS attacks is to produce overflow queues that can be managed and reset only by taking the site offline. This can be prevented using Cloud Computers.  Cloud Computers have the capacity to handle and manage traffic in queues by its ELASTICITY feature in their architecture, which immediately brings many ,ore resources online to handle surges in request.

Cloud computer’s internal BANDWIDTH is greater than the provider supplied internet bandwidth. When a huge  number of requests come from the legion of bots each server in the cloud will always have the internal bandwidth to handle them. Overflown requests are automatically sent to new servers which sre instantly brought online to handle the increased traffic.

The third safety net is REDUNDANCY. AWS(Amazon Web Services) Simple Storage Service which can handle as many as 100,000 requests per second stores copies odd data in multiple locations and handle transparent access to it. If hackers are able to  bring down one server the cloud will merely bring in a backup server with reduntant data archieves to keep programs running uninterrupted.

In this way cloud computers are very efficient in preventing Cyber Attacks.


  • Vidya, this is great. Especially with all the fall out with the Wikileaks scandal. It is definitely time to think of things like this. Many people who understand computers use this for ill, unfortunately
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  • Can anyone tell me if the gov, banks, microsoft, individuals or anyone can really ever stop (100%) cyber attacks or hackers? I’m not a computer expert but I say NO! A lot of you out there know a lot more than I do and could answer this question a lot better than me.