Add Friend Android app makes it easy to add a facebook friend

How Cool is Adding a Facebook Friend by just the tap of your two Phones

That’s what the next generation is all about. Don’t worry its not some out of the ordinary gimmick wherein you have to sit hours together tweaking your phone just to add that special feature which enables you to add a facebook friend. It actually very simple. Its just Android!

touch your phones backs to add a facebook friend

This is a little something we have brought you as a New Year treat. If you are owning an Android device and your phone is NFC enabled then you might be in for some surprise. The Add Friend Android app makes your life easier by giving you the ability to add a facebook friend just by touching your phone with your friends phone back to back.


Step 1: Install the Add Friend app available from the Android Market.

Step 2: Turn on NFC on your device as well as your friend’s phone.

Step 3: Now open the Add Friend app. Request your friend to do the same.

Step 4: Touch the backs of your two phones together and wait for a vibrate to confirm that the data was sent successfully.

Step 5: You will immediately land on to your Friend’s Facebook Profile page. From there you can then choose to add him as a Friend.

Add a facebook friend with the add friend android app

Isn’t it ingenious? We all know NFC devices can interact with each other by sending out close proximity radio transmissions. With the help of this technology many new applications are now surfacing the gadget world which are designed to be very friendly and offers ease of accessibility.

Perhaps we will see a load of such apps launch out in the next year. Till then cross your fingers and BTW Happy New Year!

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Source: Android Authority

  • technology now a days is getting more better and better to suite our needs. With the help of internet and the more resources available then things are just getting more easier. And this social media sites like facebook and google+ are making it’s way also on the mobile phone industries that’s the hottest trends today.

  • What a cool add friend application this is! Really, every day we hear extra ordinary changes in the technology. Before 5 year where we were and after 5 years most of changes have come in the electronics equipments.

  • Anita Richard

    This one sound remarkably great. Technology is growing by leaps indeed.

  • Very interesting Gautam.I have been reading your articles for more than two hours now. You really know your stuff my man!