HELLOBAR that gets noticed!

HELLOBAR is a little bar placed on websites at the top, to drive visitors to buy their products or simply to get their attention.
digital-telepathy introduced it in 2010 and since then it has gained a lot of interest. Novice Bloggers who are new to Blogosphere can generate traffic to other pages of their Blogs by integrating this bar.

Hellobar offers to customize the bar manually (a static message will be displayed) or dynamically (regular feed updates will be displayed) or you can also allow Twitter Updates to be displayed. A link at the end of the message shall be provided to direct your visitors to other pages.

Appearance wise, you can change the bar color, message color, link color too. Hellobar offers you millions of colors for you choose from. It presently gives 22 font styles to decorate your text message including the popular Comic Sans, Verdana, Arial and Times New Roman. Hellobar also gives you many tweaks to play around with, in the Settings area. You can set time when to show or hide the bar, how the bar will be positioned, you can also allow users to close the bar or wiggle the bar after a short period of time.

Installing the bar is pretty easy too. After customizing the bar according to your taste, just click the ‘Get Code’ button, and in seconds you can paste the script into your favourite blog platform. Hellobar also gives you a small guide in case you dont know where to place the code in your template.

The feature from which Bloggers gain an extra edge by using this bar is the STATS page. In here you can monitor the ClickThrough Rate or CTR of your bar. You can also track how many impressions have been made onto the bar.
Hellobar also has a funny and cute tagline ‘the bar that gets noticed’ that is displayed when you hover over the H symbol on the bar!

If you want to try out the bar, please click here. And just FYI, it is totally free of cost!! Have Fun πŸ™‚

  • This is an amazing tool for sites and blogs. I am using it currently on my site and advertising the Red Cross campagin for japan. It looks amazing and you can edit the text easy, and/or add a rss feed to show recently updated posts or newly published πŸ™‚

    • ya i looked at ur site…nice that you are helping the victims and serving a good cause!!! happy that the bar is of help! πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for this. It looks great!

  • i tried hello bar but it ddnt prove very effective for me

  • also if you have a banner like the leaderboard on top pf page , void using hello bar , as it may be distracting. Hello bar is effective when used with bright colours , sites like stackoverflow are good example

    • There is a provision for you to make the colour look ravishing, you can choose many colours to use from. It depends on the site theme, if you have a dark coloured site you may go for light coloured hellobar and vice-versa.