Microsoft reveals the biggest windows phone ever

Have you seen "the biggest Windows Phone ever"?

Microsoft has just launched its new set of Windows Phones and to promote these classy smartphones, the company has unveiled us by building “the Biggest Windows Phone ever” in the New York City.

biggest windows phone ever in nyc

Yes Microsoft has recently released a new line of Windows phones namely Samsung Focus S, Samsung Focus Flash, HTC Titan and HTC Radar 4G. To promote these phones, Microsoft decided why not build the biggest Windows Phone tower in the most popular city in the world, i.e. New York. The tower is 6 story and 55 foot high and is located in the most

busiest place at Herald Square. It is just opposite the world’s largest Macy’s store and is as huge as it can get.

Many musicians and bands are live performing in the Windows phone. Don’t believe it then check out this video uploaded by Microsoft itself on Youtube and tell us you aren’t amazed!


Microsoft is sure creative and a little crazy too, by the way don’t you think you should buy a Windows phone now? LOL.

Comment and share us your thoughts about this biggest Windows Phone ever to be built by Microsoft!

Source: TNW


  • Raj

    Very interesting promotion technique. Seems like a lot of positive vibes to me! I like the concept of a bigger phone but it should fit into a pocket at least!

    • hehehe…thats right raj. microsoft also held a presentation later that evening to promote it 🙂

  • Really innovative way of promotion 😉 Let’s see how much this promotion affect it’s sales. BTW I’m going to buy it as I already have Samsung smartphone with android. 🙂

    • that’s nice aaron…yea this is a gr8 promotion technique 🙂

  • Wow! That’s very nice. Big phone in Big Apple. Very Creative Idea and effective promotions too.

  • Really gorgeous idea to promote apple phone. All the best for best selling of the year.

  • Microsoft was launched the good range of different window phone in the year of 2011. It was the great achievement by Microsoft in the field of mobile phone.