google currents now available

Have you met Google Currents? The next best news aggregator for your smartphone!

Google Currents is the next best app launched by Google recently. You might have already heard about Flipboard. Unlike Flipboard, Google Currents is aimed to provide you a rich magazine like interface for reading blogs and getting the latest news delivered to your Android and Apple smartphones.

Google revealed it in their official blog post on Thursday.

Google currents on ipad and iphone

Flipboard works on the phenomena of finding media news by digging through, you and your friends social networking folder, what they have liked and what they have read recently. But Currents is far more advanced and broad-minded than Flipboard, Google Currents is all about what’s popular and what’s hot around the world. It doesn’t rely on any external sources to aggregate content for you, rather brings you the top articles and topics on what everybody is interested in right now!

Lets hear what BusinessInsider has to say about Google Currents,

“Whereas Flipboard is all about what you’re friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., Currents is about what everyone is reading and sharing.”

If you are already an Androidian, Google Currents has a lot more perks in store for you than the Appleboys. The best perk being the advantage of smooth sharing. On Android, after reading an article if you find it interesting you can further share it just by the touch of a button. Unlike Android, iOS users have to login to each sharing service before they decide to just throw Apple and buy an Android (pun intended) !

google currents screenshot

As Google Currents is currently available only for users in the US i didn’t get a chance to try it yet. But according to many user reviews, i heard the animations and transitions in Google Currents is pretty smooth and eye-pleasing. As a head-start Google Currents gives you a variety of publishers to read from including the famous CNET, Forbes, Huffington Post and AllthingsD. This is a great news for Publishers as well as Readers. Publishers get a broader spectrum to share their content on mobile platforms and Readers get opportunity to stay updated to their favorite topics.

Forbes seen through the eyes of google currents

Google Currents is available for both Android and iOS devices. Head to the download page to experience Google Currents now. Liked Google Currents? Share your views with us.