linux mint - the best new linux operating system

Have you heard of Linux Mint? Its better than UBUNTU!


Did you ever know about Linux’s most popular operating system? No its not Ubuntu, at least that’s what most of us would say. Its the new LINUX Mint.  According to the statistics at DistroWatch (the site that collects data regarding the best Linux Operating systems) the most popular Linux OS currently leading is the new Linux Mint!

linux mint welcome screen

The guys at ZDNet have been kind enough to let us know the existence of Linux Mint or else we would have never known about it. I myself (an out of the street LINUX lover) have found out about Linux Mint just now. And when i saw the screenshots of the latest Linux Mint 11 codenamed “Katya”, i was anxious to try it out.

Linux Mint is very elegant looking and of minimalistic styles. It is not too eye candy and doesn’t require a lot of resources to run. In fact it offers an out of the box multimedia solution, meaning you don’t need a high quality graphics card to enjoy its uniqueness. And the nice part is Linux Mint is based on Debian and Ubuntu operating systems, both the distributions, that’s why you get the best of both environments.

linux mint - the interface

Also as you know LINUX Mint is totally free and its code is open source. The perks you get by using this operating system is its interface is powered by GNOME 2.32, which i like the most. Working in Gnome is easy and fast. That’s what i like about Gnome. If you are also a GNOME fan as i am, then you should definitely check out this operating system.

Head to the download page now and start Minting your Linux. The CD version can also be installed using the Windows installer ‘WUBI’.

So pass on your comments if you liked this short review about Linux Mint. Have you tried it yet?

Source: ZDNet


  • Raj

    I have been using Linux Mint for more than a year now, and I admit that its the most stable / most easiest Linux based OS I have ever used. I love Linux Mint, and I have the latest version in LiveDVD. Linux Mint also allows Windows users to install it from within Windows and try it!

    • ya raj i agree wit u…linux mint is very stable and easy to work with…thanks for your feedback 🙂

  • Hey Gautam,
    At the moment, I am using the UBUNTU OS for a week now, but I am not that greatful in using it it is because it lacks some features. After reading this article, I have decided to try out the Linux Mint that you are mentioning from above. Thanks.

  • Using of Linux as OS is little bit difficult for me, installing linux is one of the big problem for me. I will give a try to Linux mint hope it will not create any problem, but windows is very familiar.