Have you ever felt lucky seeing new doodles from Google?

Today’s Google doodle on account of V-day looks uber-cool. Alright.
But we are ought to always find out things that others might not. Here’s what we found out today:

If you leave the Search box blank and hit the “I’m feeling lucky” when Google is wearing a new Doodle you’ll be taken to the directory of Google logos.

  • Go to the Google homepage.

Google homepage

This is the first time I’ve spotted this in Google and I thought this is worth a share. Do let me know your thoughts about this awesome (or awful?) stuff from Google through your comments.

  • Gotta tell yah… not a huge fan of this valentines day logo Google has put out


  • Great never noticed it 🙂

  • I really dont like that logo from google. It is very cheap.

  • Surprising.. I have never noticed this wonderful thing ever before. When I came across to it on your blog I just tried it and its awesome. It shows whole collection of Google Logos with dates. I loved it.

  • Thanks for showing the logo. I missed google on V-Day.

  • i didnt get to see this on v day as i was out, thanks for sharing this rather unique look by google, i would have thought they could have done better.

    • I did not see this either on Valentines day.

      – Robert

  • I had no idea when Google had a custom logo that you could visit the logo page. I hope they keep these custom logos going.

    – Robert

  • the latest valentines days google doodle was pathetic , high contrast images made me blind

  • the latest world-cup google doodle was worth praising

  • Did anyone noticed the recent Google doodle about Charlie Chaplin??? I thought it was a great idea to show respect towards this great persona.