Hardcore Social Network Addict? Commit Web 2.0 Suicide


These days social networking has become so addictive that a guy wakes up in the morning and updates his twitter account. Mom says “Son your breakfast is ready.” And the reply is “Wait mom let me update my status first!”. Some of the highly addictive networking sites such as Facebook, myspace, twitter and linkedIn have captured the people’s mind and have dragged them  into a virtual world.

I recently found out a website which is gaining popularity as the days pass called a Suicide Machine. The website starts with an amazing tag line of  “Meet Your Real Neighbors again!”. Basically what it does is that It takes your networking ID’s and deletes all of them and its faster than manual.

Suicide Machine

After reading the testimonials you will find that how many people have actually been benefited by it. According to its stats it had unfriended 115,353 friends and 259,248 tweets have been removed since its launch.”   Now that’s a large number for a new site.

After reading this post I wanna ask you! Are you ready for the Ultimate Web 2.0 Suicide. Tell us in the comments. 🙂


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