Google Plus updates its buttons

Google's Plus One Buttons now features a new look: Increases Engagement!

Just recently Google has rolled out a new slick set of Google Plus buttons for its social networking platform. Google tells us the new buttons are sure to increase user engagement on your site.

If you are still confused about what i am talking about, then here is a screenshot

The New Google+ Badge

Google plus badge before +1 new

The New Google+ Badge after +1

Google plus badge after +1 new

The New Google+ Button

Google plus button before +1 new

The New Google+ Button after +1

Google plus button after +1 new

The New Google+ Button when it encounters an error

Google plus button error new

The Google Blog revealed it in their official blog post on Wednesday,

Today, we released the new +1 button from preview and it’s now rolling out to all users. You may also notice the numbers in your +1 buttons increase, as we update our plugins to better reflect social activity around your content.

There’s absolutely no need to change the Google Plus button code if you are using it on your site. Google says the new G+ button will automatically be updated gradually to all the public, so the webmasters should not be worried if their +1 button did not get an updated look. Give it time!

Personally, i loved the old Google+ button because of the multi-colored upper border on it. But the new look isn’t so bad. A combination of red and white simply gives it a minimalistic look and doesn’t look bloated.

I am sure people will immediately start +1’ing content and you should take advantage of this to flash your G+ badge across all your sites. Be sure to feature your Google+ Standard Page Badge on your site and give users the opportunity to add your page to their circles and Plus one your page. The more number of Plus one’s you collect, the more number of friends will start recommending your posts across Google+ and you will gain more exposure.

Have a say on this story and tell us if you love the new Google Plus One button’s new look by making a comment below! Thank You and keep enjoying Google Plus.

Haven’t yet added the Google+ Button? Get it from here. You can also check out the whole collection of Google+ buttons of all sizes and customize it according to your taste out here.

  • Google will do anything to get the popularity of facebook. Hope many are happy
    to this new look.

  • I hope this pushes Google Plus ahead of the competition. It’s great that they are getting the new button to increase engagement. You’ll start seeing more users on Google Plus now.

  • The new appearance of Google plus button is good in the comparison of the previous button. It is very attractive.

  • Glad to see they’re innovating the look while functionality still works the same. How pleasing it is.

  • This is a good news, that Google plus have a new features and it can help a lot in social networking platforms.

  • thats good too hear..!

  • I love the new design… it certainly has increased the amount of people that +1 my blog content… and I am very happy about that 🙂

  • emobile developer

    Hi Gautam…Thanks for sharing the nice information on Google + buttons. BTW Google often brings new changes into its Google+ social network with the purpose of making it more catch and engaging. Google maybe wants to put it in the similar popularity row where Facebook rest. I have recently joined with Google+ and indeed it is amazing.