Google’s HUGE Plans to Enhance Voice Search Capabilities


Google is taking advantage of its Cloud Infrastructure and zillions of typed search queries to enhance the performance of voice search function. This Massive Research effort in Voice is aimed for both Mobile devices and Web

When and where was Google Voice Search introduced?

Google Voice Search is live since One and a half years from now. Voice Search allowed users to Search the web by speaking rather than typing for every Query. Google’s Voice Search is available in Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia S60 and a subset of Android Phones.

The company has planned to make Voice Search a “frictionless” experience for its user, with Accurate results obtained easily. Making speech recognition more accurate has been a decadeslong effort, and Google is applying its massive scale to the problem.

How does Google Voice Search Work?

Voice Search is based on “language models”. Language Models are the statistical models of what sequences of words are most likely to occur. For instance, a good language model would know that it’s more likely a speaker would say “the dog barked” than “the dog talked.”

Google is continuously involved in “training” new language models for its speech recognition engine. About 1 million most frequently used unique words have been identified out of 230 billion queries which has received. Speak Technology researches have compiled these words to form a vocabulary with which to train the voice system.

Amazing Fact:
To Process 230 billion words from , it takes almost 70 CPU years, the amount of work one CPU can perform in a year.

Michael Cohen, Manager of Speech technology at Google says

“Luckily, we have a lot of compute power we can apply to that. And there are demands on infrastructure, and luckily, Google has a very well-designed software infrastructure, so we can do things like quickly parallelize something,”

running it on thousands of computers at the same time.

Let’s Wish Google that they succeed in their efforts for making Voice Search Simpler to Users with at most benefits. Whatever Google does ultimately Users are the one who tests and enjoys the advancement in Technology.

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