Google’s Blogspot introduces Dynamic Views feature!

As you all know Google’s Blogspot is to be completely renovated in the near future. For some of you who haven’t heard the news, here’s the Google’s official news. Take a look at the video too, Google has teased us its new Blogger very creatively!

Coming to the major news, Blogger has just now introduced a completely new innovative feature that allows Blogspot Authors to display their Blog in 5 new dynamic views. Remember this is only possible if the Blog Author has made his/her blog publicly visible. These views gives the readers to interact with any Blog very attractively. Take a look at the new designs.


Activate this view by typing:    BLOGURL/view/flipcard in the address bar.


Activate this view by typing:    BLOGURL/view/snapshot in the address bar.


Activate this view by typing:    BLOGURL/view/sidebar in the address bar.


Activate this view by typing:    BLOGURL/view/mosaic in the address bar.


Activate this view by typing:    BLOGURL/view/timeslide in the address bar.

Remember to enter your Blog address in place of ‘BLOGURL’ in the above parameters.
If you find typing in at the address bar difficult for every view just watch any one view and then navigate to the drop down box to jump to another view.

There’s also a small glitch Google has warned us about these views i.e. they cannot be viewed in old browsers. Only newer browsers such as Firefox 3.5+, IE 8+, Chrome 8+ render these views smoothly.

So what are you waiting for, go dynamic in nature. View the Blogger dynamically!

Please comment as to how you find this new feature. Is it dynamic enough for you?

  • Lots happening with blogspot i think! never get time to check it ! today really gonna see this! wordpress is addictive! made me forget blogspot! 😛

    • thanks for the comment admin! 🙂 ya i agree wit u, wordpress sure is addictive but many amateur bloggers first resort to blogspot for blogging rather than going for high-end professional wordpress blogging.

      With a lot of booming in this blogging industry, many strong competitors such as tumblr and typepad have emerged, and now google also wants too uplift its standard.

  • I am just waiting till Blogger allows them to be set as the default view. Moreover, you missed a point. You can only enable these views if you have “full feeds” enabled. You will not be able to view them with partial feeds.

  • oops i didnt know we could view it without fully enabled feeds! thank you akhilesh for sharing your valuable opinion!!!

  • No Problem 🙂

  • Nice to have these extra options, that’s for sure. I particularly love the Mosaic view.

    • yes Komodo Dragon i too love the mosaic view and also the creative animation when we hover over the posts!! 🙂

  • This update looks like a great idea. The blogs look a lot better now. I can’t wait to give this a try.

    – Robert

  • List of dynamic performance views in oracle9i?

    • i m sorry Mr Child, i didn’t understand ur question…could u elaborate it a lil bit more! 🙂

  • Nice to see that Google is atleast trying to give out new features to users so that they can compete with the WordPress users but well nothing can Match WordPress at all, not even new dynamic views feature.. 😉 eh.

    • i agree Shiva, nothing beats WordPress…it is the best and always will be! 🙂