Google Wave Now Open To All


Google Wave a new open communication platform created by internet giant “Google,inc” has taken a new step. Google Wave is a communication platform that was created no the thought of “What would email be like if it where created today”.

Google wave for 2-3 weeks was one of the trending topics on twitter after Google had made an announcement about its new product. Google Wave was trending as millions of twitter users where requesting invites, as Google Wave was a invite only service.

I’m glad to say that Google Wave is now open to everyone, as long as you have a Google account of course. And i’m even more happier to say if you are using “Google Apps” Google is rolling out Wave to all App users. App users are able to use Wave only if there Webmaster or Apps admin activates Wave in the app admin panel ( replace with your domain).

Wave is one of  the many new web 2.0 applications Google has developed. To check it out visit

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