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Google+ Trending topics is the new trend. Watch out Twitter!

Google Inc. now boasts of a new feature on its beloved social network, the Google+. Its Google+ Trending topics, and believe us they are quite trending.

The Trending topics can be found just at the top right side of the page when you search for anything on Google+. The most recent trends can also be accessed from this page. The trending topics are in real time, so make sure to press the pause button and capture a screenshot just in case you were on the trending list.

Google+ trending topics at a glance

Currently many famous personalities like David Beckham, Michael Bloomberg and Taylor Swift are trending. And there’ also the most recent twilight movie “Breaking Dawn” that’s been trending for quite a while.

The concept of “Trending Topics” was first introduced on the most popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter. And now everyone are implementing it. Google+ also sports a What’s Hot section just in case you haven’t noticed it. It shows you the most hottest articles on Google+, the one that has got a lot of +1’s and shares. And apart from being completely unrelated and off topic it is sometimes nice to see the good stuff!

Google+ - What's hot section

So what do you think about the new Google+ Trending Topics, will it prove to be more trending than Twitter’s trending topics? Share your views with us by a comment!

Source: TechCrunch

  • Raj

    David Beckham is still trending? I don’t believe it! 🙂 I noticed the popular articles section in G+, but did not notice this trending topics. I will check it out and let you know. Its a good idea, no doubt!

    • hahaha thanx Raj 😀 yea i too cant believe beckham is still on the list…he is a little old to be trending now!!!

  • Really true twitter need to be careful, because Google+ is capturing all the things.

  • Yes, you are right becasue features makes Google + unique.

  • For me, G+ cannot beat Twitter with it’s original feature. Maybe for now, G+ is still in the developing stage and it’s quite new. +1 button is very useful but not that powerful if you have less circles.

  • amritpal kaur

    I like this blog very much.Thanks for sharing such a valuable information.

  • i like Google+

  • aman kaur

    I like this blog very much.Thanks for sharing such a valuable information.