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Google+ The Social Network

On Tuesday, Google revealed yet another product named as Google+ Project. Google+ is a new social networking platform created by the popular search giant. It is a social network which will completely revolutionize the way people interact on the Web 2.0.


Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President of Google Engineering and founder of the Google+ Project said in Google’s official blog that

We’d like to bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to software. We want to make Google better by including you, your relationships, and your interests. And so begins the Google+ project

Here are some features of Google+ that will surprise you of how creatively the Google team have designed this project to meet your requirements.

Google+ Feature:

  • Circles

Did you ever wonder how to stop those annoying tagging of friends on Facebook, constant App invitations, unwanted addition to Facebook Groups and million other small things that really get on your nerves, well that’s when Google+ comes into the picture dressed as a Superman. What the Circles feature is all about is that it allows you to categorise your friends and family in a very easy and smart way. This way you dont have to worry about what you share and whom you share it to.


Categorising is as easy as dragging and dropping your friends from the friends list into a particular circle created by you and visible only to you. Sharing the things you like is more easy now and the next time you say something no need to be cautious about whom you say it to because the Circle will automatically take care that your content is shared to the people you would like it to.

  • Sparks


Are you bored on Facebook when there’s no one online and when you have nothing to talk about. Google+ breaks that silence by providing you with a built-in recommendation engine to discover the content you are interested in. Google knows what your interests are (just like your wife or girlfriend) by analyzing what you constantly share on the Google+, through the +1 button and your queries on the google search. Google smartly gathers all that information and provides you with the latest articles, photos, videos pertaining to your specific interests at the click of button kinda like Stumbleupon but in a Google fashion.

  • Hangouts

You see your girlfriend or your best friend online in your Facebook chat. You ping them by saying Hi…………………………………… waiting this much wasn’t your plan! What do you think? You will ultimately assume that he’s just not so interested to talk to you or has left his PC to go check out your girlfriend! Isn’t that rude? Definitely it is, don’t worry Google+ isn’t that mean to you.


No more embarrassments and no more hiding under the rug, Google+ introduces to you a video chat interface where you get to hangout with your friends whenever you want. Just go to your favourite  circle and click ‘Start a Hangout’, you will immediately jump in a video chat screen and your friends will join you as soon as they know that you are “HANGING OUT”.

  • Mobile


Google+ is available on the Android platform too. What makes Google+ing on Mobile cool is its auto-upload feature. According to Gundotra, your phone now is not just a device which can take photos and videos and store them on a memory card. With Google+ power comes less responsibilities, captured multimedia content gets directly uploaded to your PC and is available for instant sharing the next time you log onto your computer. No wasting time sitting and uploading pics, latest is the best what Google+ believes in.

End of Tour.

Presently Google+ the social network is being tested only for a select few. Invites are temporarily disabled at the moment. If you wish to receive an e-mail as soon as the service is ready for use, request an advance invite over here.

How did you enjoy this article? Do you think Google will be successful in reinventing its lost credibility from its last failure from Google Buzz? Share your thoughts by a comment.

  • I like it. Good to see Google taking a jab at Facebook.

    • u said it right. already there are many videos flowing on google+ about facebook taking a jab from g+…its very funny! 🙂

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  • I would love to use this Social network. Can anyone invite me? a lot of thanks

  • I love Google+. They have so many new cool features.
    My favorite one is Social Circles. I think it’s great you can share different pictures with different circles of friends. For example I want to share some personal photos or information about me only with my family and some close friends, not with all the people I know.

    Beside the new features, I think Google will have an increased security for his users, which is great with all the spam and fraud going around.

    • exactly john. with g+’s circles feature its a lot easier to share content on the network…better privacy and control over spamming means a better social network! 🙂

  • Google is giving tough competitin to facebook

  • carlamin88

    A BIG Applause to you sir Gautam. I am smiling while learning new things in Google about its Google+1, I actually didn’t know about it. Thanks for the share.. 🙂

    • you are welcome carla. keep visiting chaaps for latest tech updates. 🙂

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  • I think Google has no place trying to be social

  • Though I use facebook, I don’t really like it.
    Way to go google.

  • this is very informative post. I really enjoy on this site. i find this site through google adsense trick I like to comming back. keep it up admin.

  • Google really are trying to be all things to all men. I wonder if Google are starting to spread themselves a bit thin. Time will tell if they can take on Facebook. I will try it out though when it becomes widely available.

  • That is pretty impressive but I am still on the fence about Google stepping so widely out of their vertical.

  • wao that’s really a good news as Google is a king of internet world so hopes are pointing at it. Let’s see how well it do and whether it remove the facebook fever or not.

  • I’m sure Marks touched with Google’s valiant effort on social networking.

    Like Carl Howe said, Google+ is only going to attract those unhappy facebook users (kinda like those weirdoes who prefer Linux over Windows, probably just cause they say they hate Bill, for no apparent reason)

    Google+ has a loooong way to go. Their approach to developing Google+ has been quite infantile (not to sound rude) but they probably have just sat around a table and said “Let’s see what facebook doesn’t have and work on it”. Instead of coming up with something “NEW”. They’ve used alota fancy graphics and cocky names. Improved privacy, introduced video conferencing and leveraged a bit of their search technology. All of which facebook could incorporate with a few days development. Ergo, Googles really gotta start gettin some new ideas if it ever wants think about beating facebook. c’est la vie!

    Though I’ve gotta say, I find the whole intellectual battle reeeally riveting.. Come on guys lets think bigger! ..GPS…gadgets…Lets take it “outside”.. Let’s STOP the.. type.. type.. its about time!!!!!!

  • Ed

    I have not been able to sign in to google plus since I joined almost a month and a half ago… Is it me or is it that I don’t get a link to get inside??

  • Thank you for sharing about Google+. So far, I had just heard and now I got the chance to really look at it. Here’s what I felt about Google+
    1) I like circles but many a times one person can belong to multiple groups. Google should think about that also.
    2) Hangouts is nice if it can really put the person shouting the loudest on the centre stage.
    3) Sparks is as good as google search and just a little more organized.
    4) Group conversation like Huddle is implemented in facebook also when people start giving comments on a post by someone. You can contribute actively.

  • hi,


    it is google excellence to design advance features in simple way.

    well done.

  • Orkut will merge with Google+ soon..

  • Google+ still has a long way to go..

  • Ah recently got mine. Will give it a spin.

  • Recently i got my Google Plus invitation…

  • Hey, I like Google Plus and have been using it since 3rd day of launch. I personally hate Facebook because of the noise on your wall created by all those stupid apps.
    If you are looking for a G+ invite. I have some available read my blog to see how.

  • Roeger

    Someone invite me I want to play too!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    • Ed

      Happy Friday! Send me an email address and I will send ya an invite…:)

  • I heard that joining G+ is a hard thing? You need to get an invite to register. Sad. ;(
    And to the article this sounds so interesting, I think FB has the hangout feature like video chat.

    • Ed

      Happy Friday! Send me an email address and I will send ya an invite…:)

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