Google Talk Lab Edition Sucks !!!


Google recently unveiled it new Google Talk lab edition. its a flash based application which was written from scratch hoping it would change the way one communicates with google talk.

The most noticible feature of the lab edition is the GUI interface . its sleek, but  so is most of the flash based application. Its still under development they say but the complete product doesn’t  look very promising either.
The lab edition doesn have most of the feature the original one flaunts.For  Eg

  • Avatar pictures can not be uploaded
  • Voice calls and file transfers can not be performed
  • Duplicate chats show up while chatting from within Gmail while Google Talk, Labs Edition is running Google Talk, Labs Edition does not support some authenticated proxies YouTube or Google Videos do not provide the ability to seek outside the currently buffered content
  • Copy/paste not fully functioning in chat windows. This is a limitation of having a Flash-based user interface

The question is very simple why do something new when there absolutely no  postive change .

There are not many new feature which help.
The only improvement one can find is

  • Tabbed chat window
  • Calender notification
  • group chat

An thats it!!!!!! Nothing new.
visit to download google lab Edition
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