Google Suggests Kasab should be Killed

Will Kasab Get Death?

Ajmal Amir Kasab, the Lone Surviving 26/11 terrorist, was on Monday Convicted by a Special court for the audacious Mumbai attacks that left 166 people dead.

The Final decision has to be taken on Intensity of Punishment…. The Nation is waiting to hear from the court what would be the fate of Kasab, who is behind the Cruel Mumbai Terror Attacks… Most of the Tweets across the world say “Ajmal Kasab has to be Hanged” and some say he deserves Lifetime Imprisonment. Some tweets Say he has to be Hanged in front of Public.

Let us Hear what Google has to Say about Ajmal Kasab.. Soon You start typing Kasab’s name in Google Search.. Google Suggests that “Kasab should be Killed”

World’s Most Used Search Engine Google has given it’s Judgement saying “Kasab should be Killed” . We Need to Hear from you… Should Ajmal Kasab be hanged ? Lifetime Imprisonment? What is your take if you were the Judge?


  • I think Kasab should be killed in the way that other terrorists should be frightened to make any kind of terror activities in India.
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  • Kill him on the street.

  • Sandeep Sharma

    Kasab should not to be HANGED so easily, he should be killed in such a way
    that one should think thousand times i going to mess with INDIA & No one dare to do anything to India.

  • Should be hanged before public.

  • nothing matters hanged or putting behind bars,,, they have executed the plan and its done,,,i believe kasab wouldn’t think that he would be still alive till this time,,, we need to think in other way to rectify the problem,,, but we would never
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  • Terrorists like Kasab had been killing innocents. Cold Snow id here has been spreading hatred among indiuan Communities.
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  • priya sharma

    kasab…dat bastard should be definately killed…..he doesn’t deserve to be alive after taking lives of so many indians…..even aftr mumbai 12/7/’11 blasts…if he wont b killed…indias future n many other indian’s lives r in danger…

  • kiran kumar

    But is he worth valuable information does killing him means we lose the only link to destroy the roots of terrorism there has to be a reason the govt is not acting against the will of al indians rite