Google Plus deleting accounts

Google Plus is deleting accounts! Save your G+ account.

That’s right. Google Plus is on a spree deleting as many fake accounts as possible. The hunt started on Saturday, the 23rd and since then we have seen a massive decline in the number of people using Google plus.

Google plus delete button

This is a post to inform you how you can save yourself from getting deleted from the Google plus team. Google doesn’t inform you whether your account will be deleted or not, it just deletes it. Period.

Stop using fake names

The main reason why Google is deleting these many accounts is that it has found many fake profiles on the social network. Crucial one being usage of fake names. If Google finds you using a duplicate name or a name which is used a promote a brand or a company then your profile will immediately into the trash queue.

Google Plus Be yourself

Google+ is calling it a community standards policy and according to that it is mandatory for every person to use his/her real names only. You should use the names exactly as it appears on your Government ID cards. You wont be spared even if you are a celebrity, for e.g. some famous personalities like Arianna Huffington, Todd Vierling, Limor Fried, Kirrily Skud Robert, A.V. Flox and Doctor Popular’s accounts were suspended as well.

ZDNet humorously referred if Lady Gaga’s account was to be suspended as well! So be careful while choosing your name on Google+ and if you are to edit your name now, be extra careful about it. Because you will be flagged for deletion if Google finds something suspicious about your name. Nothing scary just be yourself. Be the real you.

So Good Luck and All the Best. Please do comment if you were one of the people to get your account suspended! Perhaps we can help.

via ZDNet

  • That is good information to know, It would be a shame to be delted but it keeps spamers out I guess

    • that’s a social proof, if you don’t have your social proof, then your account will be deleted.

  • Oh my, It’s been a week I never visited my account. Thanks for the info. 🙂

  • I can’t believe Google is using these kind of things. Google is making a mistake by deleting the accounts, it’s risky for a big company like Google. But I guess they have a plan, if they wouldn’t have they wouldn’t act like this.

  • I saw this one coming (not the deleting of so many accounts but i knew they would have to take some action). Google+ got over 10 milion users in a matter of days whereas facebook/myspace/twitter/all the others took months (years in some cases) to get to those numbers. People also assumed that the + would effect the search engine ranking of sites in some way (I think google played to this a little with the name so they should carry some of the fault for this, they knew what they were doing).

    I will be keeping an interested eye on this one……

  • It is good Google is deleting fake accounts having fake name or other stuffs,if any body don’t want share his/her real information then how will she/he open an account at G+ ?

  • Anna

    WOW! I didn’t knew that! thanks for sharing- I’ll tell my friends!

  • So, G+ is already cleaning the house. Good to know!

  • I agree. It has become a menace with all those greedy people out there spreading so much of useless stuff. I won’t get much affected if my account is deleted, but at the end, the web will be a better place, like it used to be.

  • Sometimes popular names are more relevant to people than official name, just as you mentioned “Lady Gaga”. Will people recognize if she puts her name “Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta”?

    • exactly himanshu. creation of fake profiles should be much as we can! 🙂

  • irenediaz

    Its a good thing that Google+ is deleting fake accounts, But I’m afraid my account will be suspended or deleted either :). Guess I should visit my account everyday.
    Thanks for the info anyway

  • Gessille

    Great post!It’s great to know this very informative information,i am so glad that i found this post i learn something from here.

  • Triexe

    WOW!I never stop say say thank to my friend because she shared to me this post and because of this i have an idea to try and finish my work.enjoy writing…

  • Yes, Google Plus is deleting fake account and trying to give best networking site.I think it is a bed step for spammer.

  • woww!.. thanks for the info..

  • I think google+ don’t want any spammer only real visitors that why google+ deleting some account which it found fake, that’s really very good news thanks for share it.

  • shweta

    hey i wanna create g+ account i dont know how can i plz help

  • This whole G+ thing has really annoyed me I still haven’t got my google accounts working just right yet.

  • shweta

    Anybody have g+ account if yes plz send me a eq on my id

  • shweta

    Anybody have g+ account if yes plz send me req on my id

  • Jhonkid

    waz good