Google Plays Games!


Facebook is giving the search engine giant nightmares these days. First of all, the social networking site has edged past Google’s orkut (which is near obsolete). And now, a lot of income from gaming is making its way into fbs’ pocket.Of course, Google wouldn’t just stand there and see precious income draining away, which is why they have decided to foray into the social gaming market.

Even though allegations of “Google Me”, a supposed competitor to facebook has been denied, they still plan to get all the gaming companies onto “Google Games”. This would be a shot in the arm for the social game developing companies who be happier with a lucrative offer from the big G.
Social games are currently the “in” thing with millions of users logging into to facebook to merely play “Farmville”.
Google is hoping to cash in on this frenzy.

Earlier this year, Google introduced Buzz as an obvious competitor to the microblogging site, Twitter. Now, inspite of denials, Google Games is clearly aimed at knocking down the facebook’s fortress.


  • yup i too heard of this..and google planning of travel also…:)
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  • google wants to dominate every field on internet 🙂 🙂

  • yea akshay…ur correct…and wil one day will dominate..!!
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  • Google will achieve success if it makes itself open for links, else only non-techies will use it. Same goes with Orkut and buzz..both launched with huge amount of hype but failing now.!
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  • I for one think that this is a great move by Google, if they go ahead and release Google Games, it’s something I feel Yahoo has been able to achieve for years and with great success, even with it’s lack of graphical updates to their Yahoo Games. I can’t believe how outdated most of Yahoo Games is, but it’s still successful! Definitely looking forward to what Google can provide us, you know they always put their special touch to it!

    Till then,

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  • I log onto MySpace only to play Mafia Wars. Gaming is serious business these days and I think Google is going to do the right thing.
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