Google PageRank Update / Recovery from PR Penalty on July 20 2010

Here is The Google PageRank  Ups and Downs for We found a Hike in our PR today and we call this as “Google PagerRank Penalty recovery update“.  Though we had a PR of 3 on April 1, we were dropped to PR2 for 2 months, now again we are back with a New  PageRank Update.. Read on..

Looking at The Past of PR Updates for Chaaps

  • had a PageRank Update getting PageRank 3 (PR3) on March 31st/ April 1 of 2010.
  •’s PR3 didn’t stand for longtime
  • We had a PR drop somewhere in the month of May/June 2010 .. The PR for Chaaps bounced back to PR2 is Recently Updated with New PR! We are back with PageRank 3! This PR3 update was just made today ie 20 July 2010..

Please Note: Not Every Website has got a New Page Rank Update… According to my Research by Checking PR Statistics and considering the fact that we had a PR drop on June .. I call this New PR Update for as PR Recovery Update.. Seems like Google had penalised our Website for 2 Months and we were dropped from PR3 to PR2.. Once again, We are Glad to see that has just got PageRank 3…

Things We Learnt

  • PageRank Updates are made Quarterly
  • PageRank Drops can occur at anytime
  • Page Rank Penalty can be as long as 2 Months
  • PageRank is Restored after the PR Penalty duration
  • Fresh PageRank is assigned as per Quarterly basis. (Hopefully)

Did you find Any Change in PageRank of your website? What’s your Take on Google PR Penalty recovery update?