Google now helps you to Teach your Parents a Computer Lesson!

Teach Parents Tech? is an Initiative by Google To spread the Knowledge of “Computers” to your Parents! Oh ! *Surprised*?

You may not have patience to teach your Parents the ABCD of Using Computers and Web, The Web Giant Google has time for it and even has set up a website for this Sake! It is called “Teach Parents Tech” which has over 50+ Videos, which helps you learn (your parents learn) how to perform some basic operations on computer, Let it be changing desktop background, setting up a blog, sharing photos, sending an email and whatever for your no-techsavy or less-techsavy parents!

The Site is Damn simple, all you need to do is visit and you will be assisted with How to send a Tech Support Care Package to your Parents. The Website provides a Letter Template where you can Write to your dear Mom or Dad and choose any tutorial videos on different categories like “The Basics” , “The World Wide Web”, “Communication”, “Media” etc.. The Videos are Good and has a cool step by step explanation so that your parents can learn things in a quicker and better way.. You can preview this Letter and send it as an Email to your Parents! Cool Sweet Gift, Isn’t it??

A Letter to My Mom, created using

By The Time, I was writing this post , the site has served over 25,000 parents! Link:

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