Google Mobile Ads Based on Your Location with Maps Feature

After the Popular Click to Call Mobile ads, Google has gone one Step Ahead with a New Location Extension Ad Formats along with Map Features in Local ads for Mobile devices..

How Google Mobile Ads using Location Extension Work?

  • Users Search on Maps for Directions
  • Making Use of This Data, Google Pops Mobile Ads based on The Location
  • The Ads appears as a banner text ad with a business icon.
  • The User Can Expand or Collapse The Advertisement
  • In This Ad, One Could See the Phone Number and Map of The Store  which is Nearby

For Advertisers

  • Ads Are Shown on Mobile devices which Has Full Support for Browsers
  • Existing Adwords users can Set Up Location Extensions
  • The Advertiser will Pay only If  Some one Calls to Phone Number or visit their Business’ website, and is not Charged for Expanding and Collapsing these Ads..

What do You Think? How Effective is This Kind of Google Mobile Ads? Kindly Drop Your Comments..