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I am covering Reviews on Newest Google Products. Here I am Writing on Google’s Knol Where you can Share your Knowledge to The world writing Knols.

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Google Knol

Do You Have an Original Idea? Do You Want to expose your idea?

Google’s Knol Makes it Possible.

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Sign Up for Knol

Signing up for Knol is Easy, Just use your Existing Google id to login for Knol. you will be redirected to Knol’s homepage.

Sign up for Knol Using

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Knol Search Box

Use The Knol Search Box for discovering the new ideas revealed by people across the Globe.

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Rate the Knols which you like and share ideas with others.

You Can Even Edit the existing Knols written by other authors.

Knol Allows you to Customize Your Page in the way You Want..

Knol Licensing Issue

You Can Set The Type of License you wish to give for your article.

Choose among Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License, Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License and All Rights Reserved.

Knol License

Generate Revenue Through Google Adsense

You Can Monetize your Knols. Use your existing Google adsense Publisher ID to display ads on your article and generate revenue.

You Can Configure it in Preferences Tab

Generate Revenue Through Google Adsense


Use Google Analytics for your Knol

See Howe popular your Knol is, How many Page Views you get Each Day Integrating you Google Analytics account. Just Create a Profile and add a Tracking Number.

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