Google is going to take over your TV !


Google Android has been quite a success for developers. Now developers can easily build apps on the Android platform. I’m sure they’re quite satisfied. But wait ! There’s more…

Google Android is going to come as a set up box to supply your TV needs.

Google Monster

You probably might be knowing about these videos:
The Google Toilet
Google – The Evil and Hungry Beast

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Check What Google Stole From You

If you’ve seen all these, you’ll probably know one thing. Google is getting into your personal life.

Google has become a monster which wants to steal your private info, so that it can show you better ads.

The limits are boundless. The main reason for this is that, GOOGLE HAS THE MONEY. Google gets a lot of profit from its ads network. It has money to buy any and every company it pleases to buy.

Recently Google began utilizing the money it got. Google is developing its software, upgrading servers, and much more.

Now, it is rumored that Google is aiming a new strategy to enter the Television Market. The first strategy is by tying up with Dish Network where their set top boxes will run on Android. The other part of this strategy is a tie up with Sony to build Television sets with Android based format.

Google TV

Google Android on Dish Network

Google has teamed up with Dish Network, one of the most successfully running satellite TV services. Google Android powered set up box streamed into the dish network will allow easy access to content on YOUTUBE. This will make a great difference. Now you can easily make playlists and subscribe on youtube right from your TV !

Google Android on Sony TV sets

It is also rumored that Google Android will find its way into Sony TV sets. Sony is presently the TOP in giving High Definitions TV sets to customers, of course at a high cost. Sony plans to make its TV sets even more popular and more interactive by integrating the Android platform. Now, you could expect having a mini-computer right inside your television set.

More of Android

Since you’ll be finding Android in your TV set and your satellite set up box, you can also expect it to communicate with your mobile android. This might be one of the best steps which can be taken by Google. The same OS in your TV, set up box and your mobile phone. The combo will be unbeatable !

The Google GOD

As mentioned earlier, Google is now considered like GOD. It has taken everything from you. Your privacy is gone. Don’t be surprised if Google plans to track the channels you’ll be watching on TV to serve better advertisements 😛


  • i agree with you…Google steals our privacy for making money..

    Dont forget we too are also indirect reason for this stealing….

  • Google TV will also conveniently, I’m sure, provide handy connections to other Google services like Google Docs. Google is going to take over your life, one little “free” service at a time:P
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