Google Instant First Impressions: A for Amazon… G for ?

G for Google? Nope.. It’s G for Gmail! Read on

Google has just rolled out Google Instant! Google Instant is all about Streaming the Search Results Instantly, live Streaming of Search Results as you type just before you hit the Google Search Button!!

In addition to This Beautiful Feature, It has also added the Prediction feature which autofills the most relevant search query!! This is where the Fun begins…. We have 26 alphabet in English Language and we just wanted to see what are those 26 lucky keywords which Google Autofills in its Most Powerful Search Box!! Here Goes the Result!!

A for Amazon

B for Best buy

C for Craigslist

D for Dictionary

E for eBay

F for Facebook

G for Gmail

H for hotmail

I for Ikea

J for Jet Blue

K for Kohls

L for Lowes

M for Mapquest

N for Netflix

O for Orbitz

P for Pandora

Q for Quotes

R for rei

S for sears

T for target

U for usps

V for verizon

W for Weather

X for XBOX

Y for Yahoo

Z for zillow

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PS: The above A-Z predictions would change depending on Time and Location.

What do you think of Google Instant Search? We would like to hear from you!