[A Birthday Candy] Google gets a HTML5 logo

Link: Google USGoogle UK

Google can also be called the god of Internet. Google has always been coming up with different new logos and doodles and today we hit our eyes on one of it’s best.

Google HTML5 logo
Google implements HTML5 in its logo

Chaaps loves HTML5 since long. Now Google also love HTML5. Yes, you guessed it right – Google’s logo is, today, controlled by HTML5: Wherever you take your mouse pointer, the particles of the Google logo moves away from it.

Java: Case-sensitive :: Google: Mouse-sensitive

Something special? According to my guesses, this is probably Google’s 12th birthday celebrations – supposed to be on September 4th, 7th or 27th.
Maybe or maybe not; But however, we’ll wish Google a very happy birthday.

Note: This doodle/logo is up and running only in Google US and Google UK.

I am sure you’d like this new logo. By the way, you can use the comment box to wish Google a Happy birthday. 🙂