Google Extensions and Chrome for Mac and Linux.


A couple of days ago (9/12/09) Google finally released Google Chrome Extensions. Yes they did if you didn’t already know. And it was launched with love, as google stated its a earlier christimas present to all of us.
google chrome beta release

The reason I have posted this a couple days late is because I am not one of the many users of Google chrome. As you may remember Google Chrome was released in September of 2008. And since then chrome is one of the most known web browsers.

Since Chrome was released out of beta, Google was receiving a hard quantity of emails requesting to have add-ons, or today known as extensions.

Well Google took all that feedback and has finally released Google Chrome Extensions (Go to GCE). Along with the launch they added 300 extensions to the gallery. Though it doesn’t sound really large quantity of extensions there were a few they caught my eye.

Google has made sure they added from the basic needs, to advanced needs. That’s right starting all way from RSS readers, to a application speed checker for webmasters. The gallery is full of useful, and not so useful extensions. Though I am not complaining cause they are all free!

Okay, I am not forgetting about Developers. Google has also made a developers center, which includes guides, and how Google extensions work so you can create your own.

Also if you are a Mac OS user, guess what? You can now get chrome now as well. Google Chrome for Mac (beta) is now available to download. But sadly you don’t have to ability to use Google extensions.

Linux OS users are also able to use Google for Linux (beta) as well. And not like Mac OS users, you can also enjoy the grace  of extensions.

Lately it seems that Google doesn’t seem to stop giving. Google is continuously growing, and giving a lot lately. Thanks Google for the presents

I have placed the links for all of the resources i have talked about in this article, below.



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  • BTW. let us know what you what extensions you are using. And what you think of them.

    Also must of the extension require you have the current BETA version of chrome

  • Very useful interface indeed.

  • wow I was impressed by the way you have explained it.