Google Drive is now out

Google Drive becomes official: What you need to know about it

Google Drive is the latest attraction from Google which is a Cloud storage solution but more than that actually. But we already have a number of solutions for cloud storage such as the popular Dropbox,, Microsoft Skydrive but what’s so special with Google Drive? Lets find out shall we.

What’s the Getaway?

Google Drive as all other cloud solutions gives you a limited storage space at first i.e. a 5GB free account and when upgraded to a paid plan gives you 25GB for $2.49 per month but the getaway is your Gmail account will also have been upgraded in the process. So finally you get a mail account with 25GB of storage space for all your mails, isn’t that a good news?

Google Drive features - What you need to know

It also has the functionality of Access Anytime, Anywhere just like every other cloud solution. You can access your Google Drive by your Android device by installing the Google Drive app available at Google Play. Sorry to say but an iOS app is currently unavailable but there are plans to release it in the future. You can also access Google Drive through your PC by installing the Drive software.

A Social Network? Brilliant!

Google Docs is the main highlight of this app. That’s where the real fun starts. The Google Drive already has Google Docs built into it so it becomes easy for you to store your documents and other presentation files.

Where Google Drive really excels is when it brings a small social network into picture. Whenever you share your documents to your friends or colleagues from the Google Drive, your friends can then make a comment on the post and you can reply to them back on the same thread and you get notifications for the same too. This way you can make conversations right from the app, perhaps this feature is the real deal when it comes to Google Drive. And did i tell you can share your files on Google+ too? Perhaps that was seen coming already!

Another main highlight of this app is that it can handle almost 30 file types on its own i.e. next time you are looking to open a PDF file on your Google drive from your browser, its not necessary for you to have Adobe Reader installed onto your computer, Google Drive automatically opens it for you.

Exceptional Filtering Technology

Searching for a pic with your wife when you had been to Hollywood? Don’t get stressed, the filtering feature which comes with Google Drive is top notch. It scans your faces with image recognition technology and filters out texts in your documents with the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

Here is a short video about Google Drive for you to get to know it better.

Impressed with all the good things about Google Drive? Why not give it a try? Head to the official page of Google Drive and Sign in with your Google account. After Google finishes setting up your drive, you will receive a notification to log in.

  • Google drive becomes very good medium for the office work and it’s nice that it offers 25 GB storage capacity with its paid plan. 5 GB is also good for small organization with its free plan.

  • I am very impressed with google drive. Really google always launches useful things to its users.

  • emobile developer

    Really Google Drive is an awesome application. I have really been impressed with this application and will definitely go for it. Various services like docs & presentation sharing and organization, social network, various file format supporting, Gmail enhancement etc set Google Drive apart from others cloud storage solutions. Thanks Gautam for sharing useful application.