Google Color Change. Adds More Blue with Thick Bold Fonts. New Look


Google’s New Dress is Here.. With Vibrant Colors.


How was Google Looking Before??

Google with Old Dress
My Old Dress

Search and I’m Feeling Lucky Button Dressed With Complete Blue More Elegantly !

search buttons

Colors Are Changed Even on Navigation Buttons!

With Every Extra Buttons Getting a Stylish Look!
Navi2 when Expanded

At The Top, The Query Which You Enter, A Thick Black, More Bigger


At The Bottom, Every O dressed Up!


EveryThing is New here! Christmas and New Year Special!!!

Check out The New Dressed Google HomePage Here


  • I can’t wait for this to go live, it looks a hell of a lot better. And its about time google made some new buttons instead of standard computer ones.

    Keep Up The Work Google 😀

  • Kirk M. Schafer

    Looks like it’s going live; or in limited testing. I suddenly found my searches looked different (and everything was a few shades brighter) for about 30 minutes a few minutes ago, without being told that’s what was happening…so…since it was a little weird, I cleared my browser cache and it went away. Ah well 🙂

    Though I initially didn’t like it–the logo, especially, made me feel like my eyes were blurry, lol–I appreciate your writeup. Cheers.

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  • I like the fact that even their facelifts are so subtle, just like the rest of their work. They’re all about getting the work done without too much flash or pizzazz, and that is certainly the right way to approach it, like Facebook have also shown by triumphing with simplicity and functionality over flash and gimmicks.

  • Good I think the facelift was a good decision. Subtle but good.