Google Chrome OS Releases in September!


After months of speculation, I’m finally heaving a sigh of relief. Google Chrome will finally be here! In an official announcement, Google’s vice president of product management, Mr.Sundar Pichai confirmed the news of the launch. The much awaited product from Google will be available from September 2010.

Google Chrome OS is based on its highly successful browser by the same name. As a first step, it is mainly targeted at netbooks. The user interface is minimalistic and is expected to be high on performance. The new OS is expected to be a direct challenge thrown at software giant Microsoft. And experts feel that sooner or later, Google Chrome might eat into Microsoft’s market share.The best part of the OS is of course, that its open source(Read free 🙂 )

So, thats good news for all you geeks out there. Now, you’re just a step away from laying your hands on Google’s latest baby 😉